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11 Must-Have Seasonings For The Keto Diet [004]

Seasonings are your best friend on the keto diet. Here are 11 must have seasonings that you need to enjoy your favorite meals and hit your weight loss goals!

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Why you should love seasonings, spices, and herbs

I'm going to tell you guys a secret about me. I love flavor.

I love seasonings, spices, herbs, and sauces and when I first learned about the keto diet I wondered if I was still going to be able to enjoy all of those incredible flavors whenever I wanted to.

Today I'm going to talk about the interesting history of food flavors, why seasonings are your best friend in the keto diet, and my top 11 must haves. And let me tell you it was a struggle to narrow it down to 11.

Looking into the history of food flavors is very remarkable. 

A Visual Guide to Seasonings on the Keto Diet

Garlic Powder

Sea Salt

Ground Pepper

Keto Mayo

Italian Seasoning

Indian Curry

Pizza Seasoning

Dried Rosemary

Organic Basil

Red Pepper Flakes

Green Onions

Thai Curry

A fun (and short) flavor history

As far as the world history of flavors.. It goes beyond even recorded history. That being said people have always enjoyed food that tastes great.

Basically, people ate what grew naturally in their region and what was readily available. Thailand had a lot of seafood and lemongrass. Hawaii had pork, poi, and fish. Mexico corn and beans.

Think of a traditional meal from your home country or region. It more than likely came about because those food items were readily available.

 “As far as the world history of flavors.. It goes beyond even recorded history. That being said people have always enjoyed food that tastes great.”

Can you imagine being the town tester? Think about. There are mushrooms, berries, and even fish that can be deadly to eat.

Who was the person that had to test to see if something could be consumed without getting ill? There are certain foods that have to be prepared or picked at certain times to avoid deadly consequences.

My family and I love to forage wild food. And we often wonder about that. Did the townspeople have a vote. Did they assign food tester to a prison inmate or maybe to the people in the town who didn't really contribute. Or maybe people were just hungry and were willing to try anything once.

There's some food for thought.

World travel is to thank for these great flavors

As world travel became more common and people began to immigrate more the introduction of traditional cuisine to new and foreign places became a welcomed change to food. Why? Because people love to eat food that tastes great. And are normally willing to try something new.

Slowly, cultures and flavors began to mix and here we are with an incredible array of food today. Especially when you live in a melting pot country like the USA.

Now I'm not a food historian, so of course I know I'm missing many of the specific details that make up the intricate history of food. And let me tell you. Yes, food has an intricate history.

Did you enjoy that brief, yet awesome, segment on food history? Did it make your mouth water to think about all the delicious food that you love? Well good cause we're going to keep the conversation going...

Right now you're going to see why the keto diet is going to be your best friend if you love great tasting food and want to get healthy.

 “Slowly, cultures and flavors began to mix and here we are with an incredible array of food today.”

Seasonings are your best friend on the keto diet

Keto is the consumption of low carb, high fat, and moderate protein meals. Meals that enable us to lose weight, surge with energy, and enjoy mental clarity.

Diet is defined as...
1. the kinds of food that a person habitually eats.
2. a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.

Now if you've ever tried a diet in the past you've more than likely were stuck with eating bland food, practically starving yourself for results, or eating the most crazy and restrictive "consumables"
i.e. the baby food diet or the grapefruit only craze

But see that's what makes the keto diet different. Yeah, it has the word "diet" in it, but the negative connotations that go along with other diets don't apply here.

Especially with the Easy Keto Podcast. We are all about riding that balance between foods that taste incredible and are still healthy.

Join a supportive community. Share recipes. Get healthy.

What inspired me to do keto

My inspiration?

I grew up in the state of Hawaii. Oahu island mainly. And if you've ever been to Hawaii you know that we have just about every type of cultural food you could imagine. From the curries of India to the pasteles of Puerto Rico. All authentically made. All available in a 44 mile long island.

I've come accustomed to many flavors and styles of eating. Which is why diets have never worked for me in the past.

I want the health benefits of healthy foods, but I also want great tasting meals. Amiright? Foods that will quinche my appetite. Not leave me yearning for more.

On top of that I was already eating certain foods that promote kidney health. Because I have kidney dysplasia and basically one kidney.

I searched high and low for a diet that could meet my needs, but little did I know, I was already taking part in one that did just that. The keto diet.

Did you know that seasonings, sauces, spices, and herbs have practically zero carbs in them?

They make your food taste great, they don't negatively affect your diet, and they can even provide some awesome benefits.

Making flavors your best friend in the keto diet.

Guideline to Enjoying Flavors

Here's the Easy Keto Podcast guidelines to flavors.

Spices and herbs you can use as normal. Seriously go crazy.

Premix seasonings like Ms. Dash or steak seasoning can also be used in as many ways as you can think of. As long as they don't have sugar snuck into them. Don't worry many brands make incredible sugar-free premixes.

Sauces used to be a bit more of a challenge. If you've ever looked at an ingredients label, you'd see that many sauces have added cane sugar... the cause of many health problems.

A lot of sauces had to be home-made, but now that keto has gone mainstream you can buy sauces like ketchup, ranch dressing, mustard, and even BBQ sauces at any grocery store.

You don't interrupt your normal shopping habits. Which is a sweet deal.

11 Must Have Seasonings for the Keto Diet

Now I'm going to list out to you 11 of my all time favorite flavors. It'll be a mix of seasonings, herbs, and sauces.

1. Garlic powder - what doesn't this go with?
2. Sea salt - hear about my most recommended sea salt here
3. Ground pepper - Gives foods a bit of bite
4. Sugar-free mayo with avocado oil
5. Italian seasoning - pastas and salads here we come
6. Curry powder - I love curry. I have Japanese, Thai, and Indian curry mixes ready to use
7. Pizza seasoning - PIZZA!!! 🍕🍕🍕
8. Fresh rosemary
9. Fresh basil
10.Red pepper flakes - I like spice. And spice is great for metabolism.
11.Green onions - the crunch. ugh love it.

We have a garden and among other things, we grow fresh herbs. During the cold seasonings we grow our herbs in door, so that we always have a ready supply.

All of the items can be bought at any grocery store in the cooking aisles. Ranging from $1-$10's. Depending on the product size, brand, and organic label.

After you listen to this episode I want you to go to easyketomenus.com/recipes choose at least one recipe to try. Anything that catches your eye. Maybe a gourmet pizza or a tender pot roast (perfect for the whole family dinner).

You'll see how Easy Keto Menus combines flavor with health.

Main takeaway

It's easy to stick to a diet when you can add tons of amazing seasonings, spices, herbs, and sauces to your favorite meals.

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