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12 ways to naturally boost your energy levels

I'm going to be sharing with you 12 ways I boost my energy levels naturally - and how you can do the same too (on or off the keto diet!) 

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I went from an energy addicition to creating it with ease

How to get more energy?

At a point in my life I remember being constantly low on energy. I remember "searching" for it regularly, as if energy is something that can be found under my couch cushion.

I thought if I ate more sugary foods or drink more coffee than I would have all the energy I needed to get through my day. And yes, those things worked... at least for an hour or so.

Afterwards, my energy levels would drop again and I would be in search of another "quick fix" to get me going. It became a constant battle of energy high's and low's with the constantly need to always look for my next "fix." Needing snacks and drinks in near reach.

Now when I look back on that time in my life, it seems so surreal and similar to any sort of addiction - always for my next fix to sooth the itch... in my case my itch to need more energy.

I can't believe I used to do those unhealthy things. Only thinking of the "now" instead of the long term.

Boosting energy levels. seems to be one of those subjects that I get asked a lot about.

 People want to know how they can have the energy to work. to take care of their kids. To exercise daily. To cook dinner. To play games and spend quality family time after dinner. and so much more.

It seems that anything we do requires us to have enough energy so that we can do those things.

Today I'm going to be sharing with you 12 ways I boosted my energy levels naturally - and how you can do the same too!

1: Electrolytes

On keto you lose a lot of water weight fast which means you should be replacing those electrolytes that you're losing with the water.

Electrolytes are essential minerals for your body ad are needed for proper bodily function. Side effects of low electrolytes include fatigued, headaches, and lethargy - similar side effects to someone who feels low on energy constantly.

With that in mind, I'm sure you can see how proper amounts of electrolytes can affect your positively influence energy levels.

When choosing electrolytes choose food and drink options that are high in sodium, magnesium, potassium, or calcium.

A very small dash of Himalyaian salt in your filtered water is a great place to start.

Eating raw fruits or vegetables or drinking a real-food smoothie will do wonders.

2. Avoid these fats

For some reason there is a crazy rumor going around that you can and should eat any and all fats on the keto diet. I'm officially here to put that rumor to rest.

Yes, eat fats.

But, they need to be healthy sources of fats.

❤️ Grass-fed butter
❤️ Free range tallow
❤️ Extra virgin olive oil
❤️ MCT oil
❤️ and more (click here to find all the awesome fats recommended for keto)

There are fats that will take energy away from you and don't provide any energy or ketones in return. They are usually artificial fat sources and and can identified as the following...

👎🏼 Shortening, vegetable, fake lard, or any other processed fat created
👎🏼 Margarine
👎🏼 Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated anything
👎🏼 Oils that are processed through heat and/or chemicals including...
Soy, vegetable, canola, corn, sunflower, grapeseed, etc

When purchasing pre-made foods (yes, even keto ones)it's important that you pay attention to ingredients that are being used in the products. Just because the macros may seem ok, it doesn't't always mean that the ingredients are.

Also, I want to say that unless you have some sort of allergic reaction to certain foods eating something (by accident or not) that has these ingredients won't be the end of the world. Just don't make it a habit. Even if you stop keto. Natural fat sources and minimally processed foods are always the healthiest.

3. Enjoy a cup of caffeine

Coffee or tea is a common way for many of us to start our day and for great reason - it provides an instant energy boost and makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

When enjoying a healthier lifestyle, like keto, I really want you to enjoy healthier condiments to go into your morning drink choices.

Personally I enjoy a dash of heavy whipping cream in my coffee.

Other popular options include MCT oil, virgin coconut oil, and butter to thicken up your coffee. You can even add a bit of sugar-free coffee syrups or pure extracts like hazelnut or vanilla to make your own creamer out of high quality ingredients.

I'd like to throw out a word of caution here and tell you not to relay on caffeine to boost your energy throughout the day. I don't suggest becoming one of those people who drink 5 plus cups or coffee or tea a day. At that point it becomes an addition and that's never good.

4. Go to sleep

If you are reading this at 2am (even though you have to wake up at 6am) because you it's your only down time away from the kids and work just stop right now and go to sleep.

Thank you for reading, but seriously I care about your health and sleep plays a huge part in your health and energy - so go to sleep!

The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults get 7-9 hours of sleep regularly.

Getting thrown off your sleep schedule once in a while isn't bad, but if you regular get less than 7 hours of sleep nightly you are setting yourself up for some problems that will affect you daily life including low energy and improper brain function.

Join a supportive community. Share recipes. Get healthy.

5. Drink water

Dang, I can picture some of ya'll thinking, "wow is this list basic or what."

And my answer is, "yes, why not?"

I have a motto in life called K.I.S.S


My husband uses Stupid instead of silly but I'm not big on using swear words and I do feel silly when I find out that I overcomplicated things when the answer was so simple all along.

In all seriousness water is essential for life I've talked about it more time than I can count. Drink water to refresh, hydrate, and boost energy levels naturally.

I'm so serious water is my drink of choice for everything including energy... I like to say it's my energy drink because nothing on Earth makes me feel better than drinking a cup of water.

 “If you're constantly in a state of stress or anger that could explain the energy drag you're experiencing..”

6. Stress management is serious

I don't know about you but anytime I'm stressed out or upset I get extremely tired afterwards. My eyes get heavy and my brain slows down.

If you're constantly in a state of stress or anger that could explain the energy drag you're experiencing.

I've learned that stress management is serious and have found multiple outlets that help me to healthily release my stress.


Exercising - if you get that crazy burst of energy when stress out, like I do, then exercise to release it and get in shape

Writing - I'm a writer. Not the best in the world, but writing down how I'm feeling helps. Keep a journal. If you're not the best writer press record on a voice recorder or video camera. Not that you're going to share that recording publicly, but it'll be the same as keeping a written journal, except it's filmed. Whatever works for you works best in this case.

Talking - To a trusted friend, family member, support group, or a professional. Maybe you need advice, new perspective, or straight up help that only another human can provide. Pick the setting that you feel comfortable the most with and start talking it out.

I've noticed that just saying words out loud provide me with a different way of viewing my own situation. 

7. Exercise

I know I've mentioned exercising a couple times throughout, but it's that important in a few different ways. Exercising gives you a burst of energy afterwards, elevates mood, and provides a shot of dopamine. All positives.

8. Limit lunch time alcohol

Alcohol in itself is a sedative, which means it will cause you to feel tired and low on energy. If you have more plans in your day drinking even one glass of alcohol will more than likely slow you down.

9. Take an outside break

You ever get that stuffy sort feeling. The walls are closing in, the air is stale, and you're fatigued. Me too.

When I feel that way I either need to turn on my diffuser or go outside.

With my diffuser I'll put on one of those lung opening scents like mint, orange, or eucalyptus.

When I go outside I like to close my eyes, face my face towards the sun and breath deeply.

Both work great, it just depends on my "in the moment" mood. Heck sometimes I'll do both.

Incenses also work great!

10. Let there be sun

There is something about opening the curtains and letting the sun in that change change your whole mood.

It could be the vitamin D, an essential vitamin for almost every aspect of your health. Including what feels like an instant energy boost and mood brightener.

11. Eat your energy

If you've ever experienced the positive effects of changing your diet, then you know how important this last way is.

Eating the right foods will not only provide you with vitamins, nutrients, minerals, so on and so forth, but it always provides you with a steady form of natural energy levels.

Go ahead and eat your energy.

12. Set daily goals

You ever finish a task to then feel super pumped and energized?

That's the thought behind accomplishing daily goals.

I like to set at least 3 goals everyday.

They normally fall under the following categories:

1. Read
2. Work
3. Family

1. Reading. I dedicate myself to waking up extra early everyday because I love reading my bible or an other self-help book. It really allows me to center myself and start the rest of my day.

2. Working. Each day I have certain work goals. By accomplishing my work goals I am able to move Easy Keto Menus forward and feel pumped.

3. Family. I love my family so much. Every time I do something with them it makes my soul happy, so everyday we dedicate to do something as a family. We eat at the dinner table together, we watch a movie, play games, and/or read.... all together as a family.

 “It could be the vitamin D, an essential vitamin for almost every aspect of your health. Including what feels like an instant energy boost and mood brightener.”

What do you do to boost your energy levels naturally?

Main takeaway

In this episode, you'll read:

  • How I went from constantly "searching for energy" to having "it" all the time
  • These 12 tips are perfect for anyone - Seriously on or off the keto diet you need to be following these tips
  • I tell you exactly what has been working for me for YEARS!

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