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23 Keto friendly fast food options that make eating keto on-the-go easy [019]

If you're traveling, working, or out on a date you need these 23 keto-friendly fast food options that make eating keto on-the-go easy.

Let's keto on!

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I'm excited to give you some incredible options to eating keto on the go.

It's not always feasible for us to eat homemade meals. Even though yes, they may be the healthiest types of meals for us.

We may be traveling, working, out on a date with a friend, spouse, or our children.

Whatever the reason we might need something to eat in a more convenient manner.

What keto fast food options are available at the grocery store?

let's keto on with our first to-go food that you can find in the grocery store.

1. Travel sized charcuterie (shar-que-ta-re) boards

Think of an adult Lunchables.

Travel sized charcuterie boards are starting to pop up more and more at the grocery stores and mini marts.

Like Lunchables these boards usual include a meat section, a cheese section, and a cracker section.

Unlike Lunchables these boards are usually made with high quality products. And usually made by brands that already make cheese and meat products.

They just combined them in a ready to eat, buy and go treat.

My favorite boards are the "Columbus Charcuterie board" and "Jack Links Meat and Cheese Sampler"

The XL Columbus boards offer 2 types of cheese, 2 types of meat, a dark chocolate covered raisin and martini olives.

When my son, husband, and I go to play at the park or on a picnic we grab this board. There is something in it for everyone to enjoy.

2. Jerky's

Jerky is dried down meat.

There are a wide variety of jerseys available nowadays.

From the traditional beef to turkey, venison, tuna, and even mushroom jerky for you vegetarians and vegans.

From seasoned or plain, you can find your perfect jerky.

My son loves venison jerky and I love beef and tuna jerky.

3. Peeled hard boiled eggs

Typically sold in a sealed 2 pack. You can find peeled hard boiled eggs at almost any grocery store or mini mart.

They make a great source of fat and protein.

I tend to go to organic marts where they make their boiled eggs fresh.

4. String cheese

Growing up string cheese was my jam.

My sisters and I would have our parents buy the huge bag of string cheese from Sam's Club and we would snack on those throughout the day, between playing with mud outside and going on school field trips string cheese makes a great and filling treat, especially when paired with hard boiled eggs or jerky.

5. Snack packs

You can choose from a fish snack pack to nut butter snack packs.

Each snack pack is usually found with some sort cracker. The cracker's are usually not keto, but the main part of the snack is.

Make sure to buy keto friendly chips like pork rinds or cheese chips to enjoy with your snack pack.

6. Keto energy bars

There are a huge variety of keto energy bars available. Everything from meat based energy bars to the more traditional protein based energy bars.

Personally I love the Primal Kitchen, Bulletproof, and Epic energy bars. Each brands has a nice array of flavors and many of them taste great.

 “Just combined them in a ready to eat, buy and go treat.”

What keto-friendly drinks are available?

Before I move onto my next category I want to talk about keto friendly drinks that you can buy at the grocery stores.

Drinks help us to perfectly round up our meals, but a sugary high carb drink can also kick us out of ketosis. Yikes.

7. Electrolyte Water

We're going to start our drinks off with, what should be, the number 1 drink in everyone's mind - water.

As a water fanatic myself I can you that not all waters are alike. No, no, no.

My ultimate water choice is room temperature artisan well water filtered through a Berky.

With that in mind, it's hard for me to buy certain waters from the stores, and when I do choose a water I like to go after something with a more pure taste.

I like to choose a water filled with electrolytes like "Galceau (Gla-so) Smart Water" or "Life Water."

At certain stores, more health conscious stores, I can even find collagen water like "Vital Proteins." Collagen water tends to comes with flavors choices as well if that gets you excited.

8. Flavored Sparkling water

Flavored sparkling water is a great choice for those who really enjoy sparkling water plus want more variety in choices.

I don't think I've come across a sparkling water that uses sugar, so you're safe in that department and able to drink any brand of sparkling water.

9. Bottled iced coffee

Sometimes we need a little kick in the middle of the day or early in the mornings.

When choosing coffee we also have to make sure that it's keto as well as tasty.

I really enjoy Stok brand bottled coffee. They have a few different flavors. Some not keto, but some are. I prefer the mocha. It tastes like regular iced mocha coffee, but keto friendly. Honestly it's probably the best bottled keto coffee I've ever drank. The black coffee comes in second. It's not bitter at all which is a testimony to how they process it.

I also like Stok's fat fueled creamers.

Other keto coffee brands include "Bullet proof" and "Bolthouse Farms" which makes a protein packed vegan bottled coffee smoothie.

10. Coconut water

Another classic of mine. I've loved coconut water since before I knew it was keto, so this drink is a true bonus for me.

Growing up I loved drinking freshly opened coconut water. Often times it was warm straight from the coconut, no matter how long it was iced. So if I could I would pour it in a cup with ice. It was soooooo good!

Drool worthy.

11. Aloe water

If you're a fan of tropical drinks I also recommend trying aloe water.

My favorite aloe water is the one that has the chunks of real aloe in it. OMG it's sooooo good!

There are also a few flavor options, if that excites you.

Aloe light options or aloe drinks with no sugar are going to be the most keto friendly.

A great option to DIY if you get the chance.

12.Iced tea

When stopping in a store there are an array of bottled iced tea choices. Just be aware of the drinks with added cane sugar.

When eating at a restaurant or fast food place there's usually at least one type of unsweetened iced tea offered.

There's usually lemon slices available and an alternative sweetener option or two. Some places I've even began to see natural sweetener choices. That is very exciting.

13.Naturally sweetened soda

Soda is always a perfect finisher for pizza amount other great foods.

I like to buy soda's that are naturally sweetened with stevia or monk fruit and also naturally flavored.

I get that perfect bubbly spice that soda gives without any of the sugary badness.

My favorite soda's are "Live Soda" and "Zevia."

I highly recommend both of those brands. They both come in a variety of flavors.

Zevia also has an incredible kids line called "Zevia Kids". They make fun flavors like orange cream and fruit punch. 2 of my son's favorites. They make a great choice and let kids enjoy a fun drink minus the sugary sticky clean up.

 “They make a great choice and let kids enjoy a fun drink minus the sugary sticky clean up.”

What keto fast food options are available at eateries?

Now onto the next food category - fast foods and restaurants.

14. Burgers

Burgers are a great base for any keto meal on the go.

Depending on the restaurant, you can get a burger wrapped in lettuce, a burger on top of a salad, and even a burger in a keto bun.

I like to get a cheese burger with all the fix'ins and eat it wrapped in lettuce.

15. Salads

Nowadays salads are available at just about every type of eatery.

See what type of salad options are available to you.

Start with a base of leafy greens, see if it's possible to add meat or seafood, and bring you favorite keto friendly dressing from home.

16. Soup

Soups are a great way to get vegetables and a hot flavor profile in one simple meal.

They come in convenient to-go cups already and can just make the perfect meal when you're on the move.

17. Taco bowls

Mexican eateries usually offer a taco bowl. With ground burger, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, sour cream, and guacamole taco bowls are so tasty and filling.

Just be aware that sometimes they come with thick breading that acts as a bowl. Don't eat that part of ask for it to be in a regular bowl to really enjoy the meal without being tempted.

Taco Bell, Chipotle, and regular Mexican restaurants are great places to check.

18.Gilled Chicken

Remember a bit earlier I told you about all the many ways you can enjoy a burger?

Well you can do the same with grilled chicken.

Places like Wendy's KFC, Shake Shack, Burger King, and Chick-Fil-A offer tasty grilled chicken options.

Chick-fil-A even offers grilled chicken nuggets. Swoon!

19. Buffalo Wings

If you plan ahead a bit and call in you can order some delicious buffalo wings from your favorite wing joint.

With a side of carrots and celery plus blue cheese this can instantly become a tasty keto friendly meal.

Buffalo Wild Wings, Wingstop, Hooters, and Chili's all offer a variety of buffalo wings.

20.Tuna salad or egg salad

I don't know about other state, but in Hawaii our mini marts and gas stations have some incredible food.

It's funny when I think about it, because I have friends from the mainland that think it's absolutely gross that we buy food from mini marts and gas stations.

I feel they they are scared or something. Is that normal for mainland people to not eat at gas stations? haha I don't know, you tell me.

Anyways they usually offer tuna and egg sandwiches at those gas stations and they are soooooooo good.

Grab a spoon and eat the inside of the tuna salad or egg salad sandwich. Or wrap your salad up in that big piece of lettuce that come with the sandwich.

 “Start with a base of leafy greens, see if it's possible to add meat or seafood, and bring you favorite keto friendly dressing from home.”

What will maximize my results when eating keto fast food?

To maximize results when eating keto fast food consider these two options, and my bonus tips.

Bonus tip #1: Keep keto friendly options in your car or purse.

My older sister Taishanne loves to keep Tabasco in her cars.

I like to keep certain dressings, condiments, and keto snacks in mine.

Keto friendly options aren't always available when eating out - and that is totally understandable.

Take a minute to think about what options you enjoy often enough that you'd be willing to keep in your car or purse.

Bonus tip #2: Hot bars

Speaking of meals on the move.

More and more grocery stores are starting to offer multiple in house hot-bars and cold bars.

2 great examples are Whole Foods and Safeway.

Both stores, especially at their flagship locations, offer multiple types of hot and cold bars. Serving everything from entire entrees, soups, burgers, pizzas, soups, and more.

As keto gains popularity so do their readily available options at cold and hot bars, especially at health food market. Because it targets their audience.

I hope you enjoyed my list of 23 Keto friendly fast food options that make eating keto on-the-go easy.

If I was able to help you, please buy Easy Keto Menus a *keto* coffee, it really helps me to continue making awesome content that helps you reach your goals by making keto easy. Every penny helps 🙂 💗

Main takeaway

In this post, you'll learn:

  • 6 types of keto-friendly foods found at the grocery stores
  • 7 keto-friendly drinks
  • 7 keto-friendly fast food options
  • 2 bonus keto-friendly tips to make eating keto easy anywhere!

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