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With Easy Keto Menus 4 Week Meal Plan:

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    Get results faster and feel better about yourself
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    Eat tasty foods that's also filling
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    Do more with your life because you'll have more energy.

If you want to get results fast, have lots of energy, or even if you just want to develop sharp mental clarity, then. . .

this is the most important thing you'll read all year.

Here's why.

In today's busy lifestyle, having a great, easy to follow, and tasty meal plan can mean the difference between wishing for results and actually seeing results!

Ever signed up for an expensive fitness or diet program just to be let down? Yeah, so have I. They sale you on being skinny, but when you sign up you find that's because you are barely eating anything. And the food itself is so bland. I love satisfying foods, but I also wanted to lose weight. I didn't know if those things could ever be put together.

“How can those other meal plans expect us to eat tasteless food and be happy! I could never stick to one of those longer than a week. I never felt satisfied and always felt HUNGRY.”

That is until I learned out about the power of keto. A simple diet where you eat real food that will satisfy your hungry and your tastebuds.

Hi I'm Shai​​​​

and I'm an expert on Easy Keto Menus.

My team and I have spent many months and long hours researching, testing, and refining our keto recipes & putting it together in a complete meal plan.

This 4 week meal plan is going to give you everything you need to eat delicious food and get results fast

A meal plan made for real people that want to have lives outside of the kitchen

All while still eating good food

Easy to balance

​and simple to maintain meal plan that takes in to consideration how busy your day really is

​Budget friendly

Carefully crafted weekly meal plans that will keep you and your wallet happy.

​Enjoy life more

No more spending hours in the kitchen. With meal prep styled menus that are so diverse you won't get bored.


Get Results Fast

​Watch the pounds melt away as your body completely changes the way it processes fat.


Improve your Quality of Life

With a steady boost of energy you'll be able to do more.

​Increase Mental Clarity

By increasing stability on a cellular level you'll be able to think faster, focus better, and experience more.

"I can finally get out of bed without struggling!"

"When I first started this 4 week program I had my doubts. I didn’t think I would lose any weight and I didn’t know how well I’d do with cooking - I haven’t really cooked before. 

2 weeks into the 4 week program: the food is simple to make and tastes great. I lost 20 pounds and 3 inches. I went from struggling to get out of bed to looking forward to waking up and getting my day started. My bowel movements even became more consistent. I'm amazed how something so simple could be so effective."

- Jeff Ramones

Did you Know

The first known use of the keto diet was to treat childhood epilepsy? The Mayo clinic founded this practice in the 1920's. With research suggesting that ketones influence neurotransmitter activity which allows for seizure reduction.

Ever since then hundreds of studies have been completed. Suggesting that the keto diet helps with everything from weight lost to mental clarity to overcoming metabolic diseases.

What Easy Keto Menus 4 Week Plan Does for You:


Delicious Recipes

Stop the everyday stress of trying to piece together meals that fit your keto needs; instead get 4 weeks of tasty recipes. Your stomach will thank you.

Bonus: macros are included for each recipe!

Just in Case 
Recipe Books

Do you have certain allergies? Not enough time? Want to be fancy? Or maybe you're just craving something that's not on the menu.

If so, you're going to love these recipe books.

With recipes for every meal of the day.

You'll never get bored again.

Weekly Menu Overviews

Want to know what's on the menu for the week?

Easy; just open up your weekly menu overview and you'll find out.

In an simple to read format you can take a quick glance and see what your having for the week. No guessing involved here.

Shopping Lists

Long days have you dreaded going grocery shopping? Not anymore. . . 

Save precious time with easy to find ingredients and our organized weekly shopping lists. So you'll get through the grocery store faster than ever.

Tools for Success

Never worry about another failure.

With our hand crafted and simple tools you'll be able to stay on track and keep your self accountable. Before you start, once you're going, and after the 4 weeks.

Easy to find Macros

Learn about macros, what they are, and how they will kick you into ketosis.

Ensuring you stay within your ideal keto range and get results fast.

“The best advice I can give to anyone starting out is to read the shopping list and weekly menu overview first. They give you a great birds eye view. Helping you to easily organize your week.”

How does keto get results so fast?

The ideal keto intake is: 60%-75% fats, 5%-10% carbs, and 20%-30% proteins .

When you eat within this range your body stops running off of sugar. Causing your body to break down its own stored fat. 

A new and faster burning energy source will start to form in your liver called ketones. Your body will continue to run off of those ketones.

Make it easy to get results

According to Michigan Health and Wellness, a top reason for diet failure is that diets don't fit into the average persons lifestyle. All that meal planning and calculating makes it hard to stick to a diet. But don't worry! We solved that problem for you!

Get even more with these FREE Instant Bonuses

When you buy our 4 week meal plan

Bonus #1:
Ethnic Eating

I compiled pages of tips, tricks, and pointers so that you can eat at any type of restaurant.
From tasty Mexican entrees to the refreshing flavors of Greek dinning. There are fourteen types of restaurants listed with recommendations on meals. You'll want to take this with you everywhere!
Real Value: $27

easy keto ethnic eating restaurant guide

Bonus #2:
Keto For Exercise 

Since you're goal is to lose weight how about getting a lean body? Or maybe a muscular shape?
If you are planning on really changing your life for the better you are going to need this. I not only give you the information you need to learn how your body works during exercise I also give you 10 bonus recipes! The perfect place to start for anyone serious about their body transformation.
Real Value: $27

Bonus #3:
Intermittent Fasting

Maximize anti-aging, fat-burning, and metabolic health with this intermittent fasting guide and worksheet. Avoid confusing and fast safely. Get my 5 steps to fasting specially created to with with the 4-week keto meal plan. Made to optimize your health goals.

Real Value: $27

intermittent fasting guide and worksheet

As you can see these bonuses have a total value of $81, but are yours FREE when you buy now

What You'll Get...

When you sign up for the 4 week meal plan:

"You'll get our 4 week meal plan, weekly shopping lists, and tools for success"

Digital downloads  viewable on any device


Remember when you sign up now you'll also get 3 FREE bonuses
Have the freedom of eating at any restaurant with your friends.

Learn the best techniques to not only losing weight, but gaining muscle.

Maximize anti-aging, fat-burning, and metabolic health.


You'll receive everything instantly as 
digital downloads...

which you can view on any device...

and take with you anywhere

All this now for just:

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No Gimmicks. No Pricey Supplements. Just Real Food & Real Results

When you buy our 4 week meal plan

Lean Protein

Build lean muscles, stabilize hormones, and build a healthy immune system with tasty meats, seafoods, eggs, and poultry.

​Healthy Fats

Give your body energy and support quicker cell growth with the help of healthy nuts, oils, and food.

​Unprocessed Carbs

Give your body the pure raw carbs it needs to maintain things like thyroid health. Without kicking yourself out of ketosis.

Don't Miss Out on the Chance to
Give Yourself a Better Life

We've already done all the work for you. With all the testing, planning, and calculating our team did you'll be able to enjoy tasty meals at the snap of a finger. No more stressing out over what to make or how to fit macros into your day. Who has that sort of time?! Just enjoy the ease of cooking fast low carb meals.

Remember when you purchase now you'll be able to get my three FREE keto bonuses - while they're still around. Already saving you $81. Stop worrying about eating at restaurants and start to 
enjoy all that yummy food, gain lean muscle, and increase metabolic health. Kick start yourself in the right direction with 10 keto worthy and gym friendly recipes.

You can either burn out your brain finding recipes that work OR you can get results now, by eating
food that taste great!

Summary of What You’ll Get...

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    Improve your quality of life
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    Boost mental clarity
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    Sleep better
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    Gain confidence

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Get Access to keto powers!

You'll receive everything instantly as 
digital downloads...

which you can view on any device...

and take with you anywhere

All this now for just:

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel an increase in your mental clarity or an overall improvement in your life just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

"I spent so much time perfecting this meal plan. Working hard to include everything I want from a diet program. To make it as easy as possible for anyone to succeed. I hope you enjoy this meal plan as much as I do. I am looking forward to hearing of your success. "


Here are answers to some answered frequently asked questions:

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How many calories will I eat?

Can I do a meal plan with my allergies?

How soon after I sign up do I receive my meal plan?

I don't cook much. Is this still for me?

​Are these meals only made for one person?

​How will I get my 4 week meal plan?

What do I do if I have more questions?