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Cold Brew Bulletproof Coffee Review + What Happened When I Drank It 😆

cold brew bulletproof coffee review

Raise your hand if you love coffee. Awesome, great! Cause so do I.

That’s why today I’m reviewing Cold Brew Bulletproof Coffee.

(Wow that’s a long title)

This is my honest review of this keto coffee and what happened to me the first time I drank it. 


The "truest" to taste is the Mocha flavor. There is an aftertaste from the Brain OctaneⓇ oil used in all the flavors I sampled.


$17 for a 4 pack of coffee is a bit pricey for me.

Ease of Access

I've only seen this chocolate bar at one health food store. It's also available on Amazon and company site.

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  • Resealable cap makes it easy to travel with
  • Variety of flavors is awesome
  • Also come with collagen protein option
  • Coffee is on the watery side
  • Brain OctaneⓇ oil has an interesting aftertaste
  • Convenient, but pricey ($18 starting price)

I’m gonna tell you guys right now. When I saw the price tag for these coffee’s I almost flew out of my chair.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love to make my own drinks at home. I'm practically a barista. Check out last week's live video where I make iced matcha green tea latte with my son. If you need some proof. *wink, wink*

Anyways, knowing what it cost me per a drink had me sweating a little bit when I purchased these cold brew coffees.

Common Reviews Online About Bulletproof Coffee

If you're like me, you tend to look all over for reviews before trying something new. That's what landed you here right?

As much as we share our mutual love for honest reviews, it does take a lot of time, so I decided to save you that time and make a list of the top comments/reviews I have been seeing through third party selling sites.

  1. Good caffeine pick-me-up
  2. Convenient, but pricey
  3. Sour or bitter flavor
  4. Many reviewers favor the original flavor. Saying that the flavored options are not really flavored.

Overall rating: 3.3 stars out of 5

Flavor: 3.4 out of 5

Value for your money: 3.5 out of 5

What does Cold Brew Bulletproof Coffee taste like?

I never tried these coffee drinks before, so this was my first time. Actually, come to think of it this was my first time trying anything from the Bulletproof brand, so I was super excited.

There are 5 total coffee flavors.

1. Original
2. Mocha
3. Vanilla
4. Dark Chocolate
5. Vanilla Latte

For an additional fee, each has the option of added collagen protein.

Since I wanted to get the best range of flavors so I opted to buy the sample pack. It came with original, mocha, vanilla, and original with collagen. My review is speaking specially about those flavors.

Original cold brew coffee tastes like...

I couldn't quit pin down the exact taste of the "original" flavor. I did not see any specific flavors in the ingredients list, so I'm guessing it is black coffee with added oil and butter.

Original cold brew coffee with collagen tastes like...

The collagen itself held no flavor. My thoughts are the same as with the original flavor above.

Vanilla cold brew coffee taste like...

The vanilla Bulletproof coffee has a very brief hint of vanilla flavor that seems to be easily overtaken by the butter and oil mixed in.  

The vanilla helped to reduce the aftertaste that the original flavor has. I think it could have been a great flavor, if the vanilla had a stronger presence.

Mocha cold brew coffee taste like...

The mocha flavor is the truest to taste. The aftertaste was mostly gone, which left me feeling was more satisfied overall.

If you prefer a dark, rich coffee (I like do) you may not care for these. All of the coffee flavors seemed watered down. Maybe they used a light roast. It was not specified on the ingredients list. 

What are the macros for cold brew Bulletproof coffee?






12 grams

16 grams

22 grams

Net carbs*

5 grams

4 grams

7 grams


1 gram

1 gram

2 grams


11 grams

15 grams

15 grams

*Always keep in mind that when looking at carbs you subtract fiber and erythritol to get your net carb amount.

What is the best cold brew coffee flavor?

If I had to pick a flavor I'd pick mocha. The chocolate flavor in the mocha was present and the aftertaste wasn't as bad.

I could see myself drinking this if I found myself in a pinch for a keto iced coffee.

What happened when I drank Cold Brew Bulletproof Coffee

I'm a big fan of reading official product descriptions before trying something new. It helps me to gauge what I can expect from something and is a big factor in whether i'm willing to try it. So, before going any further I'd like to share the official review from the Bulletproof sales page:

"Deliciously creamy cold brew coffee for lasting energy, plus collagen protein to support healthy hair, skin and nails — all in one convenient package.”

I was really looking forward to drinking a creamy and rich keto coffee. Overall, I feel that the creamy part is lacking and the coffee is on the watery side.

I think I could easily add some heavy whipping cream and pure extracts to enhance the overall flavor, but this product is advertised as "travel-friendly" and in a real life travel situation I wouldn't be able to do that.

I have a hard time hiding my thoughts and feelings, which really came across in my facial expressions when I drank the coffees. I seriously had a laughed at myself when I watched my review video. If you watch the video, you'd be able to see how strong the aftertaste of the oil is for me. I'm sure you'll have a good laugh too.🤣

Video review cold brew bulletproof coffee

My Final Thoughts of the Bulletproof Coffee

This product is best for people who really value convenience. Those who maybe aren’t able to or interested in making their own coffees. (But trust me it's super easy! Mine is 2 ingredients.)

They want something that is "grab and go" for their outdoor adventures, business trips, or other travel needs. Keeping traveling in mind, these coffees are meant to be consumed cold. Getting too warm could affect the flavor and cause clumping or separation. I have not testing for any of those things, but it is a possibility. I'd suggest keeping a cold pack with your coffee when planning your next adventure.⛰

Taking my current lifestyle into consideration, I personally wouldn’t be a regular buyer of these Cold Brew Bulletproof coffee’s. I prefer to drink water when I’m doing physical activities like hiking, gardening, or fishing and I am a huge fan of perfecting my own drinks at home.

If you highly favor convenience and don’t tend to make your own at home. Then this product may be perfect for you. I’d start off by buying the sample pack which includes all the flavors I talked about. That way you can get the best feel for the coffee and try the most flavors

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This product is best for people who really value convenience. Those who maybe aren’t able to or interested in making their own coffees.

Shaila Anne Keto Coach

best offer

Review Summary


Cold Brew Bulletproof Coffee


4 piece Sample pack


$17.99 / $4.49 per drink


Bulletproof cold brew coffee's are perfect for those who are looking for a "grab-n-go" iced coffee style drink.

Overall Rating:

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