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Shaila Anne

Hi there! I'm Shaila Anne.

I'm a podcast host, coach, author, and content curator. (Woah, big breath there)

I specialize in the keto niche where share my favorite low-carb recipes on easyketomenus.com, but my real passion is helping busy adults turn what they thought was a temporary weight-loss diet, into a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. (See my brand reach below!)

I was born with kidney dysplasia and grew up knowing, very well, the impact that diet and lifestyle has on the body.

Through some really bad years, an awesome team of doctors, and a diet change I was able to turn my life around.

I make time for HIIT and weight lifting five times a week. Although I may not be entering any competitions soon, exercising makes me feel like one fierce mama-bear.

I'm a strong believer in the collaboration of traditional medicine and the right foods working hand-in-hand to heal the body. Come to think about it, that was my very first collaboration.

At 23 years old (2017), a lifetime of troubleshooting my health had encouraged me to share my first-hand knowledge with others.

"Keto has allowed me to live my life to the fullest and has inspired me to share the healing transformation that can happen with a real lifestyle change."

My Roots

I'm a born and raised Hawaii native. Growing up my family pulled hard towards our Hawaiian roots. Besides making family a priority, meant using wild foliage as a means to recover naturally.

My grandpa thought my dad and my thought my sisters and I. Now I teach my son. Talk about something incredible to pass down.

I remember my grandpa making me soak my once sprained foot in a Hawaiian salt mixture and teaching me how to lomi it before wrapping. Lomi is a Hawaiian massage. Such great memories that I cherish - especially now that my grandpa is gone. ✝

By 24, I graduated with my second degree from The University of Hawaii Community Colleges. I now hold my AA's in Fashion Design and Technology; and Accounting. 

Recently, my father-in-law needed some help. So my family and I packed our bags and moved to the "mainland." More specifically Spokane, Washington.

I decided to take the ultimate plunge and work on easyketomenus.com full time! I'm still learning how to share myself with others, but I'm so honored to even have this opportunity.

Brand Reach

40 K +

27,000 +

22,000 +



Remember how I said that I grew up learning that family is a priority?

Well, I took those teachings to the next level!

My family is my squad, and we do everything together.

There's nothing like exploring the outdoors with your husband, son, father-in-law, and German Shepherd.

From sunny beach days splashing around to chilly winter days kicking up snow while boarding.

I grew up in a pawn shop, so I love using my inherited knowledge of quality items and old-stuff when we're out looking at thrift stores and flea markets.

We even volunteer together. Donating time and money to local schools, food banks, and St. Judes Hospital.

We do it all together. And that's why I call us #squadgoals.

Let's Work Together!

If you feel like Easy Keto Menus fits your brand - I would love to work with you!

My real-life experience on motherhood and birth abnormalities helps me to curate a strong spotlight on healthy recipes and sustainable living for busy adults.

I am just starting to bloom, and am so ready to do it with awesome brands like yours!

"I'd love to learn abut your brand's objectives and figure out the best ways we can work together - all within your budget!"

I am available for the following projects:

  • Sponsored blogs, vlogs, reviews, and special posts
  • Podcast guest
  • Facebook live videos
  • Instagram live videos
  • Youtube live videos
  • Events & meet-and-greets
  • Photo and video shoots
  • Ambassadorships
  • Any other projects that will help you to tell your brand's story

All content will be promoted with at least one Instagram post and one Facebook post.

Rates will vary based on the scope of work, usage, and exclusivity, but please feel free to reach out to me with all budget levels.

I'm excited when learning about a brand's objectives and figuring out the best ways that we can work together - all within your budget!

Contact me anytime at shai@easyketomenus.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!