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Detox Your Mind So You Can Thrive Through Adversity [002]

Just like you need to detox your body you also have to detox your mind. Today I’m going to talk to you about the mental and emotional weight that the mind takes on and how to cleanse it of the toxins that could be holding you back. All so you can thrive through adversity.

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You need to know this before you detox

I’m sure you heard of detoxing the body.

Sometimes our bodies get so clogged up with toxins that they start to affect us. Either slowing down our digestive tracts or even causing visible build up like acne.

It’s at that moment that we decide we need to detox. 

If you know what I stand for you’ll understand that when I say detox I don’t mean you should go out and buy all those detox teas and diet pills. Those tend to be thought of as quick fixes, but really they don’t do much outside of causing dehydration and diarrhea.

The best way to go about a true body cleanse is by eating real foods that just so happen to be healthy, nutritious, and energizing.

So with that in mind the same goes for detoxing the mind. 

We want to do things that encourage real change in a healthy way.

 “The best way to go about a true body cleanse is by eating real foods that just so happen to be healthy, nutritious, and energizing.”

A start to a true mind cleanse

Now. The right foods go a very long way in clearing the mind and promoting positive connections to be made, but there are also several things you can do everyday to help keep the mind detoxed of a toxic mental/emotional state and ready to thrive through adversity.

Keep in mind these things may sound simple, but that’s part of their power.

They are simple enough to implement in our everyday lives without much or any inconvenience, but so powerful with their follow through that we’ll start to see major changes take place.

I don’t know about you, but my life is already so busy with running a business, maintaining a home, being a parent, and having a healthy marriage that I’m all for simple yet effective routines… I’m sure we all are.

So without further ado I’m going to start this off with something we all need to do in order to detox our minds.

That is…

 “So without further ado I’m going to start this off with something we all need to do in order to detox our minds.”

Get more rest

Before going to bed every night what are one of the things you do?

If your bedtime routine is similar to the average person's you'll have plugged in your phone to charge.

By the time you wake up, your phone will have a full battery and be ready for the day ahead.

Your phone's battery on 3% is your brain at the end of the night and your phone charger is a good night's sleep.

You want to wake up at a nice 100% charge in order to really make the most out of your day.

The typical response I tend to hear with this is, "I'm so tired by the end of the night, but I can never get a good night's sleep. Now what?"

If you're having a hard time going to sleep at night there are a few things you can do.

You can do things like exercise, stay away from caffeinated drinks, and avoid heavy meals before bed.

One of the most effective implements being - to turn off those pesky screens. Your brain is being over stimulated and thus having a hard time resting.

This is especially true if you tend to read, listen, or watch a lot of news or politics. Those topics incline people to get riled up, anxious, and even too excited.

Actually, it's a good idea to shut off and put away any device that evokes any of those emotions at least 2 hours before bed.

Instead, enjoy a relaxing evening. Watch a good movie, take a long bath, or play a board with the kids.

Helping to bring on a sense of calm and enjoyment at the end of the day.

Think of one thing you can do tonight to set yourself up for a good night's rest. Maybe it’s a combination of the suggestions I gave.

 “Think of one thing you can do tonight to set yourself up for a good night's rest. Maybe it’s a combination of the suggestions I gave.”

You need a proper morning routine

Now that you have the advantage of a recharged mind you need to implement a proper morning routine.

Implementing a proper morning routine is so important to the mind. To your entire day.

Routines bring a sense of focus, clarity, and readiness to start the day and really any project.

My personal morning routine actually starts the night before. 

I take 30 seconds to check the weather forecast. You see, I like to enjoy a good drink in the morning. Whether it's coffee or tea and hot or iced is determined by the weather.

If it's going to be 75 + degrees Fahrenheit. I like to start my day off with a nice iced matcha green tea or iced chai tea latte.

If the weather is going to be any cooler than that I'll brew a nice hot pot of black coffee with some frothed cream on top.

Knowing what I'm going to enjoy the next day gives me something incredible to look forward to. 

Now. In the mornings I wake up. Pray. Stretch. Use the restroom. Drink a cup of filtered water. Then put together my morning drink. In the quiet of the early morning I open up the house to let the most light in and as I’m relaxed I am ready to start on the next mind detoxing asset.

 “Routines bring a sense of focus, clarity, and readiness to start the day and really any project.”

I choose to see the positive

I sit in my office chair and I meditate. You see, I like to start my day with prayer because I like to put positive energy into the world and thus attract positive energy back to me. This may sound a bit abstract, but I have seen such a huge difference in my life by doing this that I could never go back to any other way.

If you open your mind to it. Become set on seeing the positive and you will attract positive.

As I’m working throughout the day I’ll always set time aside to do mini reflections. Maybe a minute or two to reflect on what I did or am doing and pull one positive aspect out of it.

Even if I mess up or make a mistake. I reflect on one positive thing that came out of my experience… even if that thing is to know that I’ll never want to do that again.

Cause hey, that means I won’t be wasting my time once more and that’s a huge positive. Or maybe I now know a way to do something more efficiently. 

Now you may be thinking, “ya, that’s easy for you to tell me to just see the positive...there’s a lot of difficulties going on in my life right now.”

And trust me I get it. 

Join a supportive community. Share recipes. Get healthy.

Ask these questions to learn from every situation

In all realness, I was never a “see the glass half full” type of person. I had an interesting childhood and from that became a realist (maybe some would say pessimist), bluntly honest, and even an over thinker. But you know what, the way we choose to see the world has a huge impact on how we live in this world.

There is nothing at all wrong with seeing a situation for what it really is. 

But then we have to ask ourselves, “what are we going to do with that information? How is it going to impact us? Will it even make a difference?” 

I myself, choose to evaluate situations, pull out an overall lesson, and at least one positive. Or a silver lining as some would call it.

That way I'm always learning and growing as a person. And that is a huge part of thriving. Especially through times of adversity.

So, anytime you do something or even witness an event. Evaluate it and pull out at least one positive.

Okay, okay I could honestly do an entire episode on the perception of reality and pulling energy. And maybe I just might in the future. But for now let’s move on over to our next mind detoxing item.

Get 3 things done

Do you just go through some days feeling like you did absolutely nothing while in all reality you have tons of things that need to get done? That mental checklist is never ending.

I know I’m not the only one that has ever experienced this.

And it totally sucks to feel like I just wasted a day. Time I’ll never get back, even if I was the richest person in the world. 

Haha. There's my blunt thinking mode going into effect. 

Anyways, that’s why I now keep a running list of things that need to get done.

I do not like wasting time. So, everyday I decide on 3 things to complete. And by the end of the day, knowing those 3 items are complete helps me to feel super accomplished and successful.

So here’s the low-down on how to pick your 3 things:

Step 1. List out everything you need to do

Step 2. Star 3 list items that are of the utmost importance for you

Step 3. Begin

It’s so amazingly simple that I love it.

When I have a major project happening at the moment I’ll make a checklist of everything that needs to get done and start with the first 3 items. I call these my foundational items.

And super mega bonus days came when I finish my top 3 items and am able to get a start on whatever else is on my to-do list. And oh my gosh, I have to tell you that feeling of going above and beyond is truly incredible.  

I feel like mega mom-boss status.

And in all reality I think that’s why I was able to get this podcast up and running so quickly… and projects that I tend to do in general.

So, no matter where you are in life. Even when you’re just starting from the beginning or starting over. Make a list, do 3 items, bonus ones when possible, and experience your world begin to shift. 

It’ll truly help. Even when you have tons of projects going on.

And speaking of tons of projects, that’s actually the perfect time to switch to my next point.

Finish one project before starting another major project

Okay, as efficient as I hope to be. I’m still human. I love to do DIY projects, I love to create content and interact with my keto tribe, and I love to spend time with my family. 

And I love doing all those things so much so that sometimes I get caught up doing too much. Starting too many DIY’s and new content pieces that after the excitement of starting and imaging what the end result will look like I get a little overwhelmed. Okay, to be completely real. Sometimes I am a lot overwhelmed.

But I mean it’s all part of the human process right?

Learning and growing.

So, one day, not too long ago, after the overwhelmedness wore off I chose to focus on one project. I got it done in record time and then moved on to the next. I still have projects to get done, but my new model of “one project at a time” has really helped me to stay focus and avoid overwhelm while still getting matters done.

I always enjoy the new experience that life brings about and hey that’s one thing with life… you never know where it’s going to take you or the type of person you’ll end up being.

Main takeaway

Through it all, always practice my five mind detoxing methods so that you can thrive, especially during times of adversity. 

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