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Easy Keto Buttercream Cake Icing

easy keto buttercream icing frosting

Hands on time:

15 minutes

Total time:

20 minutes


1 small cake

Are you ready to keto-fy your holiday baked goods? This keto buttercream cake icing is simple to make and perfect for all your frosting needs.


  1. 1 cup unsalted butter
  2. 1 1/2 cups of powdered sweetener
  3. 2 Tbsp heavy whipping cream
  4. 1 tsp of pure vanilla extract
  5. Pinch of fine sea salt
  6. (optional) food coloring



  1. For a nice and airy buttercream do a little prep work. . .
    1. Let butter sit at room temperature until softened. Once softened, add the butter to a stand mixer*. Mix on medium for about 4 minutes or until butter becomes fluffy. 
    2. Sift powdered sweetener in a separate bowl. 
  2. Once butter has softened, add it to a stand mixer.* The paddle attachment works best. Mix on medium-high for around 4 minutes or until butter becomes fluffy. Turn off the mixer.
  3.  With the speed on low, slowing add in sifted powdered sweetener and salt to the mixing bowl. 
  4. At this point the buttercream may look stiff. Add in heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract and optional food coloring. Mix until blended well.
  5. Turn up mixer to medium-high. Mix for 5 minutes until fluffy. 
  6. Now your easy keto buttercream cake icing is ready to use! Place a tip into an icing bag then add your icing and pipe.

*Notes: You can use a hand mixer as well.
Any dairy free keto milk can be used in place of heavy whipping cream. Be aware the icing may not come out as fluffy.
Powdered sweetener is not calculated. Keto sweeteners hold zero (0) net carbs. 

I just love whipping up a patch of keto icing for special occasions. My family enjoys it and I don't have to worry about cavities, carb overload, or elevated blood sugar levels.

Once the icing is made it's so versatile. We play around with colors and decorations to fit the special occasion theme. Making this recipe absolutely wonderful any time of the year.

Optional ingredients are not calculated in the nutrition facts. 

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