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A complete all-in-one kit to cut through the overwhelm and see KETOSIS-INDUCING RESULTS.

Go from stressed and overwhelmed to seeing results while eating tasty keto recipes that you look forward to!

Delicious recipes that are perfect for the entire family! 

Imagine what it would be like to...

Burn fat all day long, so you can feel confident in everything you wear.

Surge with tremendous energy, so you can get through all of your busy day with ease.

Save endless hours with our perfect keto recipes, so you can spend more time having fun outside of the kitchen.

Feel fantastic with peace of mind about living healthy and enjoying life.

Have extra money by sticking to your curated shopping lists, so you can go on that dream vacation faster.

Tasty keto recipes that you look forward to eating - every day! Makes "dieting" not even feel like dieting.

Say hello to the...

Keto Krusher Kit

Your perfect solution to cutting out the overwhelm of losing weight with the keto diet

Designed to help you achieve your weight loss and health goals with ketosis-inducing recipes, curated shopping lists, goal tracker, and more!

Your complete all-in-one kit to see results fast!


I put together the "Keto Krusher Kit" to help you crush your goals, see results, and enjoy tasty meals - with your whole family in mind!

Shaila Anne

Easy Keto Menus, Keto Coach

For so long I just couldn't hack it...

I felt like I was hitting a never-ending weight loss stall and just couldn’t admit it to myself. I wore a lot of baggy clothes to hide my excess fat and avoided looking in mirrors.

It wasn’t until I was getting ready to go to the state fair one night that it finally hit me. I wanted to wear something special. Something… you know… body hugging. 😬

OMG, I was so excited to finally dress up. I ran to my closet, looked for my favorite pair of fancy jeans and a cute blouse. I admit I had to pull these items out from the back of my closet.

Thinking back, that should have been my first hint. I hadn’t dared reach for any of my "pre-mom" clothes for a long time. 🤭

Here came the moment that changed my whole life - I couldn’t get my jeans to pull up past my knees. UGGGGGGH!!! 😤

If you’ve ever experienced this, you know exactly how disheartened I felt.💔

What was supposed to be a fun night at the fair, became a day of self-imposed pity.

After mentally abusing myself, I knew I had to stop playing games with my diet.

The "on again, off again" high-carb diet plans with tasteless recipes, were not working.

I just couldn’t stick to any of them long-term.

And those “off” times always ended up with me overeating sugary foods... complete with late-night snack times.... and the smell of failure.

So I rolled up my baggy sweatshirt sleeves, and started searching for a better way.

That’s when my dad introduced me to ketosis.

I got into ketosis, lost weight, increased my energy, and felt fantastic!

That was it, I was hooked.

I spent the next few months finding, creating, and testing keto recipes to ensure that I was able to burn fat, boost energy, and improve overall health - with food that tasted great.

I tested it and tested it... until I knew it worked. 🙌🏼

It took lots of weird recipes, lots of sour faces from my family, and lots of stress...

But I did it! And it was so worth it.

💪🏼 I got into ketosis, lost weight, increased my energy, and felt fantastic! 

The ingredients and time invested cost me thousands of dollars to get it right. 💸

That’s why I put together the “Keto Krusher Kit.”

A fat-burning-ketosis-inducing meal plan that  works!

Baggy clothes are no longer the main attraction in my closet.

I feel confident in everything I wear. 😍

I’m in ketosis constantly and I continue to maintain my weight loss and health benefits without stressing over it.

I highly recommend that you get a successful meal plan that works - The Keto Krusher Kit.

Our Clients

From pre-diabetic to feeling great

My doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and wanted to put me on medication. I wanted to change my diet first. Thanks to Easy Keto Menus I went from pre-diabetic to losing weight and feeling great. Not bad for an "old man."

Charles C. - Washington, USA

Waking up in the mornings has never been easier

I loss weight, have more energy, and even slimmed down my face, but one of the most surprising benefits has to be that I no longer struggle to get out of bed in the mornings! It feels so good to be able to hop right up and get my day started.

Jeff A. - Honolulu, HI

We're pregnant!

After so long of trying my husband and I are finally pregnant!!! I'm so happy that I gave the "keto Krusher Kit" a chance. It was so worth it! Learning how to balance my hormones by eating right gave me the exact results I wanted. 

Kanoe A. - Kaneohe, HI

A complete Breakdown of the Keto Krusher Kit

Everything you need to see ketosis-inducing results is included in one complete kit

4 Week Meal Plan - $97 Value

Get 4 weeks of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts.
Your stomach will thank you. Macros are included for each recipe!

Just In Case Recipes - $27 Value

Do you have certain allergies? Not enough time? Want to be fancy? Or maybe you're just craving something that's not on the menu. If so, you're going to love these recipe books. With recipes for every meal of the day. You'll never get bored again.

Weekly Menu Overview - $17 Value

Want to know what's on the menu for the week? Easy; just open up your weekly menu overview and you'll find out. In an simple to read format you can take a quick glance and see what your having for the week. No guessing involved here.

4 Week Shopping Lists - $17 Value

Long days have you dreaded going grocery shopping? Not anymore. . . Save precious time with easy to find ingredients and our organized weekly shopping lists. So you'll get through the grocery store faster than ever.

Keto Toolbox - $17 Value

Never worry about another failure. With our hand crafted and simple tools you'll be able to stay on track and keep your self accountable. Before you start, once you're going, and after the 4 weeks.

Macros & Keto - $27 Value

Learn about macros, what they are, and how they will kick you into ketosis. Ensuring you stay within your ideal keto range and get results fast.

The Keto Flu Cheatsheet - $17 Value

Some people may experience fatigue, headaches or sickness when they transition to eating keto. This happens because all the bad stuff is being forced out of your body.

This cheatsheet will help you discover what causes the keto flu and how to avoid it.

Video Guides - $47 Value

We know how challenging it can be to lose weight. The Keto Krusher Kit includes video guides throughout so you'll know exactly what to do! Losing weight at home becomes easy!

Video Recipes - $197 Value

After we perfected each and every recipe we went back and created video recipes! Each recipe within your 4-week meal plan has its own video recipe, making meal time a breeze!

Lifetime Access - $Priceless$

While some programs make you pay a monthly fee to keep your access, we're making our available to you for life. Allowing you to move at your own time -without worrying about paying another bill.

A $463 value for only $27

If you love to eat & want an all-in-one solution...

The "Keto Krusher Kit" is for you!


Open Up
  • Open up the complete "Keto Krusher Kit" instantly with online access to the entire kit
  • Watch our short "Start Here" video to get the most goodies out of your kit
  • Before you start- find out where you are health wise with our keto questionnaire


Foodie Time
  • View your complete ketosis-inducing 4-week meal plan
  • Use your curated weekly shopping list for quick grocery trips
  • Start cooking delicious keto recipes 
  • "Just In Case" recipe book included for fun keto meal times and alternatives


  • Perfect your weight loss with the secret the melting fat. PSSST. It's in your "Macros and Keto" guidebook
  • "Keto Flu Cheatsheet" helps you to identify and overcome that keto transition period
  • Our "Keto Toolbox" has hand-crafted questionnaires to help you stay accountable and track your results!

Get started now!

See ketosis-inducing results

...minus the stress

Buy the "Keto Krusher Kit" and you'll also receive these incredible bonuses!

Bonus #01 Ethnic Eating guide - $47 Value

Shaila Anne's complete guidebook to eating keto at ANY restaurant!

Also get her tips, tricks, and pointers to sticking to a low-carb meal plan while enjoying family (or friend) time while out and about.

Bonus #02 Keto For Exercise guide - $57 Value

Since you're goal is to lose weight how about getting a lean body? Or maybe a muscular shape?

If you are planning on really changing your life for the better you are going to need this. We not only give you the information you need to learn how your body works during exercise, we also give you 10 bonus recipes!

The perfect place to start for anyone serious about their body transformation.

Bonus #03 Intermittent Fasting meal plan - $97 Value

Maximize anti-aging, fat-burning, and metabolic (cell) health with this intermittent fasting guidebook and bonus 4-week meal plan.

Yep, you read that right. When You buy the Keto Krusher Kit you get two meal plans in one awesome bundle! 

Avoid confusion and discover how to fast safely. Get our 5 steps to fasting specially created to work with the 4-week keto meal plan so you can optimize your health goals

An added value of $201

We put our hearts into this 💖

⏳ It took years to perfect.

From complete fat-burning-ketosis-inducing recipes, pre-calculated macros, organized shopping lists, kid-approved recipes, and a keto toolbox.

We spent endless hours curating and testing our complete kit.

For a limited time... can get the Keto Krusher Kit for 96% off!

Because Easy Keto Menus "Keto Krusher Kit" is new, and we're sure to raise the price as we grow...

...It's available at a discounted rate for a limited time. ⏳

We'll raise the price as we further develop it. 

You'll get every new update *for free* when you purchase the "Keto Krusher Kit" today.

Buy the "Keto Krusher Kit" today to lock in this special introductory price before it goes up! 💸

Keto Krusher Kit

You'll be able to:

  • Burn fat all day long
  • Surge with tremendous energy
  • Save endless hours with our perfect keto recipes
  • Feel fantastic with peace of mind about living healthy
  • Have extra money by sticking to your curated shopping lists
  • Sticking to your diet is easy with tasty keto recipes that you look forward to eating 
  • Easy to follow video recipes for quick mealtime
  • Unlimited updates
  • Lifetime access


My doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and wanted to put me on medication. I wanted to change my diet first. Thanks to Easy Keto Menus I went from pre-diabetic to losing weight and feeling great. Not bad for an "old man."

Charles C.

From pre-diabetic to feeling great


After so long of trying my husband and I are finally pregnant!!! I'm so happy that I gave the "keto Krusher Kit" a chance. It was so worth it! Learning how to balance my hormones by eating right gave me the exact results I wanted.

Kanoe A.

We're pregnant!

Shaila Anne
Keto Coach

"My team and I poured our hearts into this and spent hundreds of hours because we believe that everyone should be able to look great and feel amazing! Stick to the Keto Krusher Kit and it could transform you!" 

RISK-FREE 30 Day Guarantee

Try the Keto Krusher Kit risk free for 30 days and if you're not satisfied just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Frequently asked questions

Can I do a meal plan with my allergies?

Yes you can. I provide you with simple recipe alternatives and guidelines to help with your allergies.

I also provide you with a book for each meal loaded with recipe alternatives. Which can easily replace any meal.

How soon after I pay do I receive my Keto Krusher Kit?

You get instant access to the program. We give you simple step by step instructions to get you started. Make sure to check your email! 

*Please check spam/junk mail folders if you have never received emails from us in the past*

I don't cook much. Is this still for me?

When I created this meal plan I tried to think of people (like my dad) who like to spend little to no  time in the kitchen. The recipes are tasty, but not overwhelming. I even include the amount of time each recipe should take.

Of course I had to balance that with people who love cooking and baking. I aimed to create a perfect balance of recipes for people of all levels and schedules.

Plus, the weekly menu overviews will show you the exact recipes for each week. Making it easy for you to plan ahead as needed.

How will I get my Keto Krusher Kit?

I wanted to give you a wallet friendly and instantly accessible complete meal plan so I put everything in an easy to read digital format. 

You access recipes, shopping lists, books, and more in a private members only website.

Once you purchase Keto Krusher Kit you will get an email containing the login link and your login information.

Simply click on the link, login to the meal plan and you are ready to go!

How many calories will I eat?

I show you how to calculate the perfect amount of calories for your body type and lifestyle. No guess work involved and you'll know exactly how you got your results.

How is this so time and budget friendly?

Let's face it. In today's society there is so much going on. The average person has so much on their plate just thinking about cooking becomes scary.   

I wanted to create a meal plan that a real person could follow. With food that taste great, and that's also good for you.

In my 4 week meal plan I combined meal prepping with meal rotation.

There are some foods that you will cook "now" to eat later.

Along with rotating recipes you end up saving a lot of time and a lot of money.

I rotate several recipes for breakfast, snack, lunch, and dessert. To make it fun and exciting I give you a brand new dinner recipe EVERY NIGHT.

And hey just remember; if you ever want to try something new or have a special occasion I also include 5 recipes books. For every meal of the day or night!

Are these meals only made for one person?

Yes, some recipes are designed for one person, but I made them easy to multiple. And don't worry I also have many kid tested (and approved) recipes for the whole family.

What do I do if I have more questions?

Of course I know it's easier to succeed at something if you have support. 

Contact me and I'll do my best to be there for you.

My contact information is available in the Keto Krusher Kit.