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Keto Review: Rise and Grind Epic Bars [005]

Think energy bar meets real meat. The perfect on-the-go snack? Macros, ingredients, honest flavor review, a funny collaboration with my son, and my take on who this bar is perfect for and some things you may want to consider BEFORE buying.

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Why are reading keto reviews is important?

Have you ever gone to the store, seen a fancy looking package of some yummy looking food that caught your eye?

Then you see the words “KETO” in big bold print on the box so you immediately go in for a closer look (because of course we need to find out more).

It looks good, it looks like it could satisfy a carb or sugar craving, and OMG it comes in some fun flavors like birthday cake

BUT then you flip the box over and check out the ingredients and macros and you’re like, “UMMMM, what the heckama... the ingredients in here are weird.”

And let’s not forget that pretty much anything new marked “keto” or “low carb” is “sad wallet” expensive. Can I get an amen?

Between the weird ingredients, a brand you’ve never heard about before or have no trust with (yet), and the price tag amount...that box of keto whatever goes back on the shelf.

Because if the flavor is weird or the texture is chalking then you just wasted a whole lotta money for something that disappointed. And who really likes to waste money? No one, that’s who.

I’m making the sacrifice and spending the money to buy those keto foods to try with you live!

🚫 No more wasting money
🚫 No more buying before thinking
🚫 No more getting pulled in by advertisements or influencers

So listen up you awesome human. Today I’m doing my very first keto review, so you can get the most for your money, find some awesome new foods, and reach your goals.

Without further ado, let’s start the show.

What is in an Epic bar?

In celebration of this brand new keto series. I have 2 products to review. Both from the same brand, so we can stay on topic, but different flavors.

Say hello to the Epic bar.

The best way I can describe it is as a really thick piece of beef jerky. Think energy bar meets real meat.

I have two flavors.

The first is Rise and Grind Epic bars. Made with Uncured bacon, pork, and egg yolks. The second is Almond Cranberry Turkey Epic bar.

I have to say. I really enjoy when brands take the time to put some nice artwork on their products.

When you take a look at these bars they have a vintage country vibe with some beautiful animal artwork.

While the backside of the wrappers are clear. Allowing us to see exactly what we are getting.

Why was the Epic bar created?

I like to read product descriptions. They help me to get a grasp on what the product is meant for and the vision a company had behind it.

So here we go, the official product description from epicprovisions.com:

“Our bars are diverse and based on the unique tastes of our animals. These complements of real protein, fruits, nuts, seeds and spice blends create a taste that is EPIC. These are a perfect on-the-go-snack.”

That sounds awesome. You know I’m a big fan of real seasonings in food. Hint hint to episode 004 to learn about my 11 favorites for the keto diet.

What is my first impression of the Epic bars?

Alright, Here we go. This is the conversation I had with my son, Darnell, about our first impression of the Epic bars. Now you may hear some ASMR type of sounds happening shortly.

[04:45] - Darnell
All right, choose your jerky.

[04:48] - Shaila Anne
So first, we're going to start off with the rise and grind bar because I love the name.

[05:00] - Darnell
I love the packaging feeling. It's really thick. Yeah, I love the packaging. Oh, the little bumps. Yes, yes. But it's very interesting if you don't know I love the feeling. Yeah.

[05:18] - Shaila
So, Darnell is just opening up the Rise and Grind Epic bar for us there.

[05:23] - Darnell
Different colors. One is more like a black. This one's more like orange.

[05:28] - Shaila
It kind of looks more like a color of sausage if that makes sense. Yeah. The smell, what does it smell like?

[05:33] - Darnell
It smells like when you go to that one pet store, when you come on, my nose is really, really, really sensitive. It smells. So don't ask me how it smells. You smell it.

[05:50] - Shaila
So according to Darnell, it smells like when you go to a pet store

[5:55] - Darnell
No smell like the certain smell or they sell all the food, seeds and stuff. Oh, first open a package of seeds. You smell it. Yeah. OK, ok.

[06:07] - Shaila
It kind of smells like maple.

[06:21] - Darnell
Before you eat it has a cool design. That's probably maybe the dehydrator or something. You know how. Yeah. How when we make the jerky it has that kind of pattern. I make my own special jerky. OK, I'm going to try it now.

[06:39] - Shaila
It's very soft. Hmm, I'm wondering if the package was hard and the light is just real soft. Darnell, of course you have to try it. That's why you're here.

[07:14] - Darnell
Unspeakably good. Could you taste the bacon? Yeah, a little at the end. Little the on a little like a lot. It was good. I could taste the chicken and then bacon at the end. OK, let's try this turkey... (Listen to our entire conversation by pressing "play" above)

Overall, Darnell and I really liked the Rise and Grind Epic bar. The Turkey Almond Cranberry Epic bar on the other hand was... a very interesting flavor. We both thought there was something wrong with the wrong the flavors were out together. Listen to the full podcast to hear our entire conversation.


Both Darnell and I really enjoyed the Rise and Grind bar. The turkey bar dropped our rating a bit. 


$2.50-$3 per a bar is a bit on the high end.

Ease of Access

I've seen these Epic bars at our local health food store as well as a few grocery stores. It's also available on Amazon, Thrive Market, and Epic's website.

What are the macros in the Epic bars?

Macros for the Rise and Grind Epic bars:

These are the macros per an entire bar
Carbs: 6 grams
Net carbs: 6 grams
*that means there’s no fiber in this bar*
Protein: 9 grams
Fats: 12 grams

Macros for the Turkey Almond Cranberry Epic bars:

These are the macros per an entire bar
Carbs: 9 grams
Net carbs: 7 grams
*that means there’s 2 grams of fiber in this bar*
Protein: 10 grams
Fats: 8 grams

What are the pros's and con's of the Epic bar?

Now that I gave you my initial reaction to these bars I want to speak on some pros and cons, so you’ll know if this product is right for you.

Pros of the Epic Bar:

● I think the idea of a meat energy bar is great.
     If I can get real food ingredients in pre-made store bought products I’m
doing it.

● The turkey bar has 14 ingredients and 13/14 of them are either food or

● The Rise and Grind bacon bar has 9 ingredients and 8/9 of them are food or
seasoning based.
     I can easily read and identify every ingredient. I love when that happens!

● These bars are sourced ethically from farmers that raise their animals with certain health standards
     Epic also has a “whole animal” standard where as a brand they make sure everything gets used

● You can purchase a variety pack of 12 bars for $30.00 USD ○ That’s $2.50 USD per bar

● If you subscribe to their products they offer a 10% discount. Which is great if you love these

● There is free shipping on the EPIC brand site when you reach a $75 minimum order
     Good news is they ship throughout the entire USA - Hawaii and Alaska
I’m looking at you guys!
     They also sell products at Costco in Canada. If you live in Canada let me know if you find these EPIC products

● I love that it has 0 preservatives And I can easily read and understand all listed
ingredients. I love seeing that when shopping

Cons of the Epic Bar:

● I’ve seen these bars sell for $2.99 and up
     Ethical sourcing and real food ingredients do cost more
     That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you really have a budget to
stick to you might want to wait until these go on sale at your local store.

● Because these bars are so tasty you’ll be going through them really fast. Making EPIC a pricey habit.

● If you live outside of the USA and Canada these products aren’t available to
you yet

● Upon researching these bars and the Epic brand I found out that Epic is
owned by General Mills.
     There is nothing wrong with that in itself. I just found that a bit frustrating because the site, brand story, and the many descriptions make it seem like it’s a family operation.
     It wasn’t until I stumbled across the “contact us” page did I realize
otherwise... from the small print at the very bottom.
     Having come from a family that has owed a small business, I tend to have a soft spot for them and specifically go out of my way to spend a little extra in support of them.
     But that’s just my 2 cents. You may feel differently.

  • Real ingredients
  • Ethically sourced
  • Subscribe and save discount
  • Per a bar it's pricey
  • Only available in the USA and Canada
  • Not small business owned

What are other people saying about the Epic bars?

Before purchasing a new product I really like to learn about the common reviews of others.

We all know that official brand sites have product reviews, but I’m always extra cautious with those... so I go to third party sites like Amazon and Thrive Market to find common reviews. That way I can get an honest and well rounded picture of what this product will be like.

Now, these Epic bars are no different. I did look up some common reviews and if Darnell decided to stick around, he might agree. 

The Rise and grind Epic Bar Common Reviews:

So first, we're going to start with the Rise and Grind Epic bar. Now, this seems to be the overall consensus on both Amazon and Thrive Market. I noticed a three major things that people continue to talk about. Number one is the texture.

1. The texture
a. Seems to throw people off
b. There are a multitude of people who describe this bar as”wet” and dog food like
c. The largest portion of lower reviews mention the texture.

2. Lots of people love these as a quick“fill me up” when they are on the go
a. Breakfast is mentioned a brunch... get it brunch. Okay no? Never mind.

3. Interesting as far as flavor goes there is a back and forth between the “Rise and Grind” bar being either too salty or on the sweet side.
a. I love a bit of both in my food soooo that’s no help. haha

On Amazon the overall is... 4.4 / 5 stars
Flavor 3.8/5
Value for money 3.5/5

On Thrive Market it’s 4 / 5 stars

Side note: the cheapest place to buy these bar is Amazon for $25. Thrive Market and Epic’s website tie at $30

The Almond Turkey Cranberry Epic Bar Common Reviews:

This flavor is not available on Thrive Market at the moment. The overall censuses on Amazon is...

1. By far the worst flavor
a. Yikes. Thanksgiving gone wrong. 😅

2. The texture
a. Seems to throw people off
b. There are a multitude of people who describe this bar as “dry and grainy”
c. The largest portion of lower reviews mention the texture as well.

6. Lots of people love these as a quick“fill me up” when they are on the go

On Amazon the overall is... 3.5 / 5 stars
Flavor 2/5
Value for money 2.3/5

These bars are 0.1 cent cheaper on Epic’s website - $30 vs $30.01 on Amazon . So really whoever has the cheaper shipping is the winner.

Okay, let me gather my thoughts for a moment, before we tie this review up.

Who is the Epic Bars meant for?

Well, these bars are best for the people who love real food ingredients and yearn for an on the go snack that isn't filled with sugar or some other unknown ingredients. Each bar is packaged in a vacuum sealed wrapping that makes it easy to leave in your purse or car and eat when you're hungry.

Now, if you love to work out, go hiking or do any sort of physically demanding activity, you'll love the protein content and the real food. I know I do think of these bars as a really thick beef jerky.

Now, I know I keep saying that. I've said that a lot in the beginning, but it's true.

So if you travel, work away from home or like to adventure, these bars may be exactly what you are looking for.

 “ If you travel, work away from home or like to adventure, these bars may be exactly what you are looking for.”

So, should you spend the money and buy Epic bars?

Now, here comes a bit more of my personal thoughts on this product. Based on everything I learned, the flavor and the brand itself, I think these bars are worth a try. Overall, there seems to be way more positives to these bars than there are negatives. I personally thought the texture of each bar was good. Like I said, it depends on the flavor you get

Overall, I did like these bars. As I touched on earlier. The biggest thing that threw me off was the small business feel.

I felt like it was a little bit shady for lack of a right word.

Lastly, if budget is a concern, I suggest waiting until these go on sale. Amazon, for example, is having a good sale on the Rise and Grind Epic bars. But if you don't want to buy twelve of them at one time, which is completely understandable, wait until they go on sale at your local grocery store where they tend to sell them individually. That's how I got both flavors

Or try your hand at making your own. We make beef jerky at home so I could definitely see myself making these meat energy bars. Or maybe it would just be thicker beef jerky. If you decide that these bars could be right for you and you end up buying them. Tell me, I would love to know your thoughts on these. Thank you so much for joining me today.

best offer

Review Summary


Rise and Grind Epic Bars
Turkey Almond Cranberry Epic bars


keto snack product. An energy bar made of meat and seasonings.


$30 for a box of 12. $2.99 each bar when bought separately.


This review summary provides everything at a glance and makes it easier for impulse buyers to get what they want and move right on to the purchase.

Overall Rating:

Main takeaway

Read my review of the Epic bars to find out if this keto snack is perfect for you lifestyle and goals.

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