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Shopping keto at Walmart 2020 | New items + Pros and Cons

Shop the latest keto items with me at Walmart!

I walk through every grocery aisle at Walmart, so that you know exactly what to buy on your next trip!

Plus my thoughts on keto items at Walmart.


My Walmart Adventure

For many in the United States Walmart is a very common grocery store. 

Its slightly cheaper prices on a variety of items and convenient locations make it a go-to option.

So, even though Walmart may not be known as a "health food" store I knew I had to film a keto-friendly video.

There are some pros and cons I've noticed while shopping at Walmart. I share those with you in my video above and will also share them below.

In the meantime, let's get start with my latest keto Walmart shopping spree.

"Its slightly cheaper prices on a variety of items and convenient locations make Walmart a go-to option.”

Sports drinks, dairy, and creamer

The one number drink everyone should be consuming each day is water.

I know it may not sound exciting, but it's what the body needs to run efficiently.

Being the keto coach that I am, I know asking people to only stick to water is not  realistic. People love flavor in their drinks, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Although there are many great ways to make keto friendly drinks at home, buying them provides the most convenience. 

Below you'll find the latest keto drinks at Walmart

Keto drinks currently at Walmart

keto drinks bubly sparkling water easy keto menus


Bubly is flavored sparkling water. It has zero grams of fats, proteins, and carbs. (so major plus there!) 

keto water enhancers drink drops easy keto menus

Drink drops (Water enhancers)

These are travel sized containers of concentrated flavors. You add a few drops in your water to flavor it. The biggest downside for me is that every brand currently available at Walmart has sucrose. If you enjoy these drink additives use them sparingly.

keto drink lemon juice easy keto menus

100% Lemon Juice 

Lemon juice is not something you'd typically want to drink on its own. Instead I use it as natural flavoring for infused water and Greek yogurt!

 “Water enhancers are a great way to add flavor in a friendly travel size dropper. ”

Keto coffee drinks currently at Walmart

keto coffee starbucks cold brew balck coffee easy keto menus

Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee

Black Starbucks brand cold brew coffee in a resealable glass bottle. There's no additional ingredients, so if you like a little sweetness in your coffee use natural sweeteners.

Hi-Ball organic coffee easy keto menus

Hi-Ball Organic Coffee

Hi-Ball unsweetened is black coffee as well. The great thing about this brand is they tend to use organic ingredients.

Keto coffee creamer currently at Walmart

Stok Fueled Creamer - Unsweet easy keto menus

Stok Fueled Creamer - Unsweet

Stok combines real butter and MCT oil in one convenient creamer. Giving you the benefit of not having to blend your coffee in the mornings.

better body foods MCT vegan organic creamer easy keto menus

Better Body Foods MCT Creamer

If you prefer powdered creamers in your coffee this MCT vegan organic creamer may be for you!

Keto milk alternatives currently at Walmart

keto milk alternative cashew milk easy keto menus

Slik Cashew milk

Choose between vanilla and plain. Great for keto vegans or those that love the taste of cashews. Only 1 gram of carbs per cup.

keto milk alternative almond milk easy keto menus

Silk Almond milk

Choose between vanilla and plain. Great for keto vegans or those that love the taste of almonds. Unsweetened almond milk has only 1 gram of carbs.

My favorite milk alternative is Macadamia milk - unsweetened of course.

Sadly Walmart no longer carries this item. . . but more on that later.

Sweets and Baking

New keto snacks currently at Walmart

This section does not include snacks that have been perviously covered.

If you want a full list of 20 snack you can get at Walmart right now check out this freebie!

Tillamook zero sugar beef jerky easy keto menus

Tillamook Zero Sugar Beef Jerky

Tillamook is one of my favorite all-around keto brands. They provide so many quality goodies that my whole family enjoys. This beef jerky is another example of that.

Swerve natural sweetener easy keto menus

Swerve sweeteners

I know Swerve is not a "snack," but people do use it to make snacks and desserts so...🙂 It's so great that Walmart now offers granular, brown, and confectioners! I hope they stick around!

New keto oils currently at Walmart

Carrington farms organic oils easy keto menus

Carrington Farms Organic Oils

Luckily keto friendly oils have become way more popular at Walmart. Carrington Farms has a lot of products here including coconut oil, MCT oil, hemp oil, and flan seed oil.

Fatworks duck fat cooking oil easy keto menus

Fatworks duck fat

Duck fat is great for frying and high temperature cooking. Fatworks makes it easy to use a nice scoop of cooking oil when needed. 

cocavo cooking oil easy keto menus

Cocavo cold-pressed oil

If you like to use avocados and coconut oils together this simple product may be just what you need.

New keto herbs and spices currently at Walmart

In the video you'll see that I talk about herbs, spices, and pre-mixes.

I did not see "new at Walmart" items today, which is why I don't have anything to share right now.


I cannot stress the importance of using herbs and spices in your cooking! They add so much flavor to meals WITHOUT ALL THE CARBS!

If you have no idea how to flavor your food use pre-mixed flavorings!

Skip to 14 minutes in the video. (That's where I tell you about flavoring your foods and my favorite brands!)

 “I cannot stress the importance of using herbs and spices in your cooking! They add so much flavor to meals WITHOUT ALL THE CARBS!”

New premade to-go items currently at Walmart

Chicken of the Sea tuna infusions easy keto menus

Chicken of the Sea Tuna Infusions

Being Hawaiian - I love fish! So if I can get a great tuna (ahi in Hawaiian) meal already made I'm doing it! The video shows all the flavor combinations.

New "canned" items currently at Walmart

G. Hughes sugar free bbq sauce easy keto menus

G. Hughes sugar-free BBQ sauce

I'm so glad that Walmart has expanded it's BBQ sauce selection. G. Huges combines great flavor without the sugar. There are a variety of flavors like original and hickory.

G. Hughes sugar free ketchup easy keto menus

G. Hughes sugar-free Ketchup

What more is there to say? A summer BBQ isn't complete without ketchup.

Sams market bone broth easy keto menus

Sam's Market Organic bone broth

Great for soups, curries, and other keto dinners. Bone broth adds lots of nutrients to the body.

ginger people organic sushi ginger easy keto menus

Ginger People organic sushi ginger

Sushi lovers rejoice! I love making sushi and ginger always rounds up my sushi experience. I'm so glad they have this.

New frozen items currently at Walmart

Cauilpower cauliflower pizza easy keto menus

Caulipower cauliflower pizza & crust

Ready made keto pizza without all the carbs. Favorite flavors like pepperoni, cheese, and supreme. Also cauliflower crust so you can made your own pizza without having to spend time on the crust. 

Quorn vegan meatless patty easy keto menus

Quorn meatless patties

Vegan. keto. premade. I hope Walmart keeps expanding its vegan options.

Halo Top pint size ice cream easy keto menus

Halo Top ice cream

Halo Top is not new to Walmart, but its expanded collection of flavors are! I was actually amazed. Just beware not all of these are keto. Check out macro and ingredients.

My Walmart story and thoughts

If you follow me on Facebook you know that every Friday 12 PM PST I film a live video.

Before every live video I work really hard to make sure I am prepared. I really want the people who take time out of their day to get the most good out of their time with me.

So, needless to say before my keto Walmart video I was super excited. 

I went to Walmart, the week prior, made a complete list of keto items in every section and felt so ready to share awesome finds with you all.

I just knew I was ready to share the latest keto items.

Come to my live video and there were so many items gone. 😩

I just don't know what to think

I know what you may be thinking.

"Well Shaila Anne, that just means they sold out. Don't worry it'll be back."

Trust me that was my first thought too. . . and it always is, but when I went back to look there were no place holders for many of the missing items.

Okay, all of them.

So, I just don't know what to think.

Maybe they'll bring back those items and maybe they won't.

 “Before every live video I work really hard to make sure I am prepared. I really want the people who take time out of their day to get the most good out of their time with me.”

Pro's and Con's of Walmart

I'm always looking for the greatest deals, latest keto trends, and quality items.

This is my take on the best things about Walmart and some areas they can improve on.

  • Competitive prices 
  • Convenient if you nonfood items
  • Many locations
  • Limited selection
  • Items not always brought back
  • Employees lack knowledge* 

* That last one in the con's section might rub a lot of people the wrong way so let me clarify what I mean.

Walmart leans more towards being a general store. They carry a ton of items and a variation on many of them. That's great for families and people who like to shop at one store and not have to "run around," but it does lead to some disjointed customer service.

I am not saying they hire bad customer service.

I am saying that with all those items, employees may not be able to keep up with everything that's available. And I don't blame them!

Imagine having to stock and manage an area and remember where every item is. Especially specialty likes (like keto-friendly products).

A lot of the time when I ask where something might be, (cause seriously who doesn't get overwhelmed with the vast size of a Walmart?) I met with answers like, "maybe in this section, but I have no idea if we even carry that item." 

And forgot about asking for an opinion on keto items.

If you already know what you want to buy and the low down on products then Walmart is great.

Bottom line about keto shopping

If you're new to keto or just want to try a new product, go to your local health food store!

People who are committed to living healthy (keto or not) tend to work there and know about a lot of the products offered. They are great with questions on specialty items. 😍

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Main takeaway

Walmart may not always have speciality items, it's a great place to shop for budget conscious families and beginners to the keto diet.

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