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Overwhelm: What Is It? Plus 10 Ways To Break Free Of It

Learn exactly what overwhelm is and 10 ways to break overwhelm, so you can move with clarity and overcome life’s challenges

Overwhelm is more than stress

Overwhelm is more than stress.

It’s going completely blank, unable to rationalize, and evening feeling paralyzed. Causing you to be stuck mentally and possibly physically as well.

Today I’m going to give you 10 ways that you can break free of overwhelm so you can move with clarity and better overcome life’s challenges.

 “Overwhelm is more than stress.”

What overwhelm can look like.

First I want to start by telling you about the story that inspired this live.

While working this morning I needed to plug in my external hard drive. Now I don’t always need it so I don’t leave it connected to my computer, but I literally have all of Easy Keto Menus' entire business history on it. I’m talking about my entire content library. Website backup’s, and more.

I plugged in my hard drive and nothing popped up. Seriously my computer didn’t detect it - at all. I left it plugged in for 20 minutes and nothing. I check my disc drive - everything.

Now to give some further back story. This past summer 2019. My personal hard drive with history going back to 2010 was accidentally broken by one of my kids. It hit me HARD.

Now don’t get me wrong I know. I’m supposed to back up my hard drive with another hard drive. ETC. It was just something I kept either pushing back or forgetting about.

So skip to this morning and my hard drive is not working... I spun out.

I couldn’t think or breathe. My brain went into a complete fog

I couldn’t think or breathe. I kept beating myself up for knowing better. My brain went into a complete fog. And I was misdirecting my anger at myself towards my husband. SORRY MATT.

If that ever happened to you let me know in the comments. So I know I’m not alone in this.

One thing broke through to me. I needed to pray. I did and immediately I was able to think. My brain fog cleared. Then I heard a voice say, “stand in the light.” So I went outside on my lanai. Lanai is porch in Hawaiian.

So I went out on my lanai and stood in the sun. Then another thought came to me, “Take this chance to help others learn how to break-free of their emotional overwhelm.”

So here I am. I scraped today’s entire topic to talk about breaking free of overwhelm.

The cause of overwhelm may be different for each of us, but the method of overcoming has proven commonailites.

Finally, here we go 10 ways to overcome overwhelm. Because you are an overcomer.

 “I couldn’t think or breathe. I kept beating myself up for knowing better. My brain went into a complete fog. And I was misdirecting my anger at myself towards my husband. ”

1. Acknowledge and Pray

When you’re in the midst of overwhelm it helps to acknowledge your situation. Close your eyes and breathe into the moment. Praying helps to gain clamness, clear out negative emotions, and gain clarity. I always start with prayer.

2. Accept and Give Yourself Power

Now it’s time to accept. Overwhelm and anxiety pushes the body to increase production of cortisol - the stress hormone. Give yourself back power by accepting and welcoming your stress as part of your family of emotion.

Because to an extent all these feelings are normal. Meaning we all encounter them at some point in life. And that means that you are not alone. Knowing you are normal and belong goes along way to empowering yourself.

 “Knowing you are normal and belong goes a long way to empowering yourself.”

Join a supportive community. Share recipes. Get healthy.

3. Reason with yourself

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you feel despair or unworthy?

Go after those unreasonable thoughts. When you start to hear those thoughts of worthlessness. Ask yourself “why”

Why are you telling yourself that? What exactly are those negative thoughts saying to you and tell yourself out loud of all the proof against that.

For example: You’re feeling overwhelmed for whatever reason. Thenthese lies pop up in your head telling you that you’re worthless andhave never accomplished anything. Or that you deserve to be alone.

Immediately ask yourself why am I thinking about those lies? I am worthy! I always do my best as a parent. I am accomplished. I have dreams of who I want to be and am taking steps to get there. I deserved to be loved because I am alive. Don’t get lost in those damaging thoughts. Don’t make those damaging lies habits.

 “Don’t get lost in those damaging thoughts. Don’t make those damaging lies habits.”

4. Say Aloha

You acknowledged your situation. Accepted that you are allowed to feel. Gave yourself back the power. And logically reasoned away the lies. Now it’s time to say aloha or good-bye.

We can’t hold on to that “luggage” forever. It will damage our relationships, mental and physical health, and more. Take these moments, grow from them, and in the future you’ll be
able to recognize the truth and overcome the lies much, much faster.

5. Tangible Next Steps

Now that we are in a better head space it’s time to think of our next steps. So we can take action to get to a better place. To get out of whatever situation we were just freaking out about.

For example, My next step is to put what I know into action. I knowthat I need 2 hard drives. One to back up the other. Now that I canthink clearly. Now that I let go of the overwhelm the answer seems clear. Some steps. Some situations take more steps. But you get the point right?

If we are tired of being caught in the same situations we need to
take tangible or real steps to overcome them. Get past them.

5 simple ways to take a break

Right now I want to also give you 5 simple ways to take a break. Healthy habits that can help us to overcome stressors, clear our minds, and empower us to come back stronger than ever.

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1. Talk to someone you trust

Call a friend or family member you trust. Tell them you just need someone to listen to you. And just release all your build up tension. 

If everyone you trust is unavailable, ramble out loud to yourself. I’ve done that and it has helped me so many times over.

2. Get Up and Go

Have you ever just left the space you felt your overwhelm in and immediately noticed a change in energy?

Go for a walk, exercise, work in the garden. Roll around in a clear space. Leaving the space that you first experienced your overwhelm can help you to immediately shake off that negative energy.

I’m able to quickly realize my blessings and say aloha to those negative thoughts.

3. Listen To Music

There’s something about music that speaks to the soul.

When I’m feeling a type of way I love to put on positive music. I
listen to reggae, old Hawaiian music, or "jahwaiian" music. Which is a local brand of music in Hawaiian.

I’m able to quickly realize my blessings and say aloha to those negative thoughts.

4. Take a Nap

Taking a nap can help your mind and body to reset. Calming down the stress hormone cortisol and putting the body and mind back to its empowered self.

5. Watch or Read

If you enjoy relaxing with a good movie. Do it. If you love to read. Do it. Both help to clear the mind. And if you’re reading or watching a favorite of yours it helps you to feel like you’ve spent time with friends.

What healthy habits do you have that can help you to relieve stress, overcome overwhelm, and move forward with clarity? Let me know in the comments below!

Main takeaway

Stress and overwhlem is a normal part of life. But we must learn how to deal with them in healthy ways in order for us grow and thrive as adults.

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