Learn 5 Easy Steps to Getting into Ketosis Fast!

Whether you're trying to get healthy, lose stubborn fat, or a overcome medical condition, Easy Keto Menus is here for you.
That's why we've created this simple 5 step guide to help you get into ketosis quickly and easily.


Find your why

The only way to make any real change in your life is to first know why you are making a change. Close your eyes and think about why you're starting keto. Ask yourself these two questions
1· What are my goals?
    Your goal(s) might be weight lost, hunger control, mental clarity, increased energy, stable blood sugar, or lower inflammation.
2· What is my motivation?
     When times get tough knowing why you're doing keto will keep you going. 

" I want to lose weight and increase my energy levels so I can keep up with my children. "


Start Small

Raise your hand if you have ever quit a diet that forced you to change your eating habits way too quickly. 
Yeah, so have I!
I will be the first to admit that food cravings are real! Especially cravings for sugar and carbs.

Start small by slowing cutting down on the amount of sweets and breads you consume.

At the same time up your water, vegetable, and healthy fat intake.

Starting small will increase health, and set you up for long term success

Replace carbs with my awesome keto recipes.


Clear Things Out

Reduce cheating and stay on track by clearing out your kitchen.

Say goodbye to sugary candies, snacks, breads, and pastas.

Donate any unopened foods to local soup kitchens or food banks.

Live with others?

Keep a separate cabinet for yourself. Get into the habit of looking only in that cabinet for the keto things you need.


Create a Plan

Lose weight with ease.

Create a weekly meal plan and stick to it.

Planning = success. Find simple keto recipes to start you off. And take 10 minutes a week to schedule your meals.

A little planning goes a long way. Once you notice how easy it is to melt fat and stick to the keto diet you'll be thanking me for this step.

Don't have any time or energy left in your busy day? Check out my 4-week keto meal plan. With weekly keto menus, precise shopping lists, and expert advice you'll be in ketosis with very little effort.



Ever notice that things are easier when you have support?

The same applies to the keto diet. Being apart of a keto community will allow you to get answers from real people, keep yourself on track, and gain support when you need it

Having access to a network of people in the same situation as you is invaluable to your success and one of the most overlooked steps.

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Now you're set up for keto success. Yay you!

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