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Strawberry Summer Infused Water Recipe

Keto drink recipe Strawberry Summer Infused Water Recipe

Hands on time:

5 minutes

Total time:

5 minutes


1 serving

Using freshly picked strawberries and herbs straight from my keto garden you'll see how easy it is to make this Strawberry Summer Infused Water Recipe.


  1. 1 cup filter water
  2. 1" sprig of rosemary
  3. 1" sprig of thyme
  4. 1" sprig basil
  5. 1/4 cup fresh strawberries 
  6. Handful of ice cubes

Kitchen Gadgets Needed


  1. Place all fresh herbs into a mortar and in a circular motion grind the herbs. Releasing the oils and flavors. Slice strawberries.
  2. Add all ingredients into your favorite cup, mix with a spoon, and enjoy! 😎

Oh my gosh. Summer time is the best. We look forward to sunny days, water play, and working on our garden.

Thanks to my husband, Matt's, know how we are able to grow an abundant garden every year. So much so that we constantly give away food to our neighbors and the local food bank.

One section of our garden is dedicated to growing all our favorite herbs. We have thyme, rosemary, lavender, sage and more! 🌱

We really enjoy being able to pull fresh herbs from the garden to cook and bake with. So, today I decided to use that same concept to make a new keto drink recipe for the summer. I call it the Strawberry Summer Infused Water Recipe

It's basically a whole mix up of any fresh herbs plus fruit.

Fresh Is Easier Than You Think

Now you may be thinking, "but I don't grow any fresh herbs...that sounds too complex."


I have some secrets to share with you. 

Secret one. Most grocery stores (both big and small) sell fresh herbs from local farmers. A few years ago I went to the grocery store and started seeing a growing (pun intended) selection of fresh herbs at the grocery store. Which brought me happiness. BUT... then I started noticing smaller stores, local stores, and larger chains starting to bring in more and more fresh herbs. Which makes me super excited!

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a huge fan of fresh.

Watch me make this Strawberry Summer Infused Water Recipe live! ⤵

So, check your local produce section for these pre-packaged fresh herbs. They tend to be next to the greens.

Secret two. It's farmers market season! That means you can buy fresh herbs and support your local farmer at the same time. YAY! 🎉 Farmers who sell at farmers markets tend to always grow organically so you get the added beneits of full nutrional vaule and freshness from this choice.

Secret three. You can grow your own. Now I know what you're thinking, but hold on for just a second. The best part of this secret is that you can buy herbs that are already started for $1-$2 dollars at just about any store. Place them on your window sill and give them water once a day. They'll be happy and you'll be one the road to having your own little urban garden and cooking with fresh herbs too. SCORE! 

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