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Sugar-Free Keto Iced Coffee Recipe

Hands on time:

5 minutes

Total time:

5 minutes


18 oz (large)

KETO ICED COFFEE. Do I really have to say more? Okay, fine you win. 😆 3 ingredients to pure iced coffee joy all year long! So you can satisfy your iced coffee habit while saving money, reaching your health goals, and sipping on deliciousness.


  1. 1 1/2 cup black coffee - freshly brew and cooled
  2. 1/2 cup macadamia milk
  3. 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
  4. Handful of ice cubes
  5. Optional: 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  6. Optional: Whipped cream to top

Kitchen Gadgets Needed


  1. Add all ingredients to your tumbler or large cup. Add ice last. 
  2. Top with whipped cream and enjoy!

Did you know that iced coffee could be so easy to make?!

I used to go to my favorite coffee house (I'm not naming names ) every morning... Okay sometimes twice a day. 😅  Spending $5.50 on my favorite iced coffee every single trip.

If I roughly do the math I spent:
$5.50 (per coffee) x 30 (days in a month) = I spent at least $165.00 on ICED COFFEE ALONE!!!  And that's not even counting the days I would go twice. 😓  Oh dear lord. That's crazy.

I know you can relate. That's why you're here.

You enjoy iced coffee most days, but with keto your choices are limited. Plus you just found out how much you could be spending on that coffee habit of yours. 

Nowadays, I buy my ingredients in bulk and maybe spend $0.25 per a large cup of keto iced coffee. I save so much money that I'm able to put it towards way better things in life... like awesome food.

Watch how easy keto iced coffee is to make! ⤵

Helpful hints to making keto iced coffee

1. Make it vegan

Take out the heavy whipping cream and bam instant vegan keto iced coffee. I personally love the thickeness that HWC gives my coffee. If you're vegan, but want to enjoy that same thickeness subsitute the HWC with equal parts full-fat coconut cream

2. The milk

My favorite milk is Macadamia milk. I use it in any drink recipe that requires a touch of keto-friendly milk, but you can easily subsitute it with your favorite keto milk. To make a nut-free keto iced coffee use hemp milk.

3. Coffee House Flavors

I already listed the option to add pure vanilla extract, but did you know that you can make this keto iced coffee recipe way more personal? Giving you the ultimate coffee house flavors.

Play around with other pure extracts like hazel nut, coconut, and even pumpkin spice.

Or go full barista and buy Torani Sugar-free syrups. Torani has sugar-free combonations like s'mores, salted caramel, and chocolate. I have a few that I ssave to indulge during special occasions and holidays. YUM!

4. Sweetened It To Perfection

Make your keto iced coffee as sweet as you (minus the yucky sugars) with a few of my favorite keto sweeteners. I recommend trying a liquid sweetner like Stevia Sweet Drops or a granular sweetener like Monkfruit.

No more worrying about blood sugar levels, macros, or teeth health with these choices. They are two of my favorite keto sweeteners, so far. 

Keto Iced Coffee Time!

My sisters are not strictly keto, but everytime I see them they ask me to make them this iced coffee. So, if they love it I know every one will love it.

So go and make yourself a delicious glass of keto iced coffee. And remember to share your recipes with me by tagging @easyketomenus. I'm so looking forward to seeing your creations. 

Keto Products Mentioned

Macadamia Milk

Coconut Cream

Hemp Milk

Pure Vanilla Extract

Torani Syrups

Sweet Drops

Monk Fruit


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