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Sugar-free Snacks that kids actually like?

kids review sugar-free snacks. Find out which sugar-free snacks they actually enjoy and how your kids can enjoy them too!

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Sweet and sugar-free snacks for kids

Hello again and welcome to the podcast. Today is going to be a really fun episode because today we are going to be reviewing a bunch of keto snacks with my two very, very special guests - Zari and Honestee.

We're going to be seeing if these snacks are approved so that you can rest assured that when you buy healthier sugar-free snacks for your kids, they're good and they'll actually enjoy them.

OK, we have four different type of snacks to review so let's get started.

 “We're going to be seeing if these snacks are approved so that you can rest assured that when you buy healthier sugar-free snacks for your kids, they're good and they'll actually enjoy them.”

Nature's Garden - Original Trail Mix

The first night that we have is hoping that makes original trail mix with probiotics from "Nature's Garden."

Nature's Garden coconut trail mix has:

This one has the probiotic snack mix original has almonds, walnuts, cheese balls, macadamias, and hazelnuts. And it says it is two grams of net carbs, one gram of sugar, seven grams of protein, 15 grams of fat, one hundred seventy calories and five BN of probiotic in a one ounce packet.

Well, we're hoping the cheese balls taste good! 

When scored one out of five this original trail mix got an average score of 2.5.

Neither Zari nor Honestee liked it very much. According to them it was not sweet enough, there was too much salt, and the cheese balls were stale.

Click here to watch their full review.

Nature's Garden - Coconut Trail Mix

This is the probiotic Coconut Keto Mix from "Nature's Garden. "

This one has a blend of almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, roasted coconut chips and dark chocolate. And it has five blend of probiotics, two grams of net carbs, one gram of sugar, four grams of protein, fourteen grams of fat and one hundred sixty calories for this entire one ounce

When scored one out of five the coconut trail mix got an average score of 3.

Zari really liked that it was sweeter, but Honestee didn't think the chocolate or coconut was very good. Actually her facial expressions throughout this entire show was hilarious and very telling (way more than words can express).

Click here to watch their full review.

If your kids like dark chocolate you might have better luck with this sugar-free snack. 

I personally thought that this mix was great. I enjoy the traditional trail mix style of salty and sweet. The one ounce packages make it easy to travel with for on the go family activities.

Smart Sweets - Gummy Peach Rings

The girls were bth really excited to eat gummies. When I think of it, all kids love gummies. Heck I'm nit a kid anymore, but I still enjoy gummies. There is just something about them that has a way of satisfying a sweet tooth.

Both Honestee and Zari gave these gummies a 100 out of five, so saying they "like them is an understatement,

With that being said, these gummies tend to stick to your teeth. No one enjoyed that part - at all. 

After eating a few of these gummies that ended up being the biggest downfall and caused some points to be lost.

Overall, a snack that would still be eaten again.

As far as macros go, an entire bag of peach rings has...

It has zero fat, zero protein, but it has 40 carbs, and 13 grams of dietary fiber. So you're going to take 42 minus 30 (fiber) minus 11 (allouse). Which ends up being 18 net grams of carbs for the entire bag.

Not very "ket friendly if you are strict, but a great choice for kids. Not having to worry about teeth or sugar overload is a huge win. 

Smart Sweets peach rings are also a good source of fiber, naturally flavored, free from artificial colors, and free from artificial sweeteners.

A definite winner.

Try them here.

 “Routines bring a sense of focus, clarity, and readiness to start the day and really any project.”

Lily's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lily's chocolate cookies also ended up being a huge winner.

The overall rating was again a 100/5.

But these sugar-free snacks had quite the downfall - they were hard and thin.

If you love that then a think, crunchy cookie isn't a problem or you and you can scroll on by.

If you like a chewy and soft cookie with a slight crunch then this may weigh on your decision to try these cookies.

If you're wondering, yes, we did try and dip these cookies in milk to softened them and no that didn't really work. You can watch the full video if you're curious as to what exactly I mean.

The macros for Lily's chocolate chip cookies are as follows:

For 3 cookies
6 grams of fat
1 gram of protein
19 grams of carbs
9 grams of net carbs

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Sugar-free Snacks for kids

Now you have four awesome sugar-free snacks to let your kids try.

We really wanted to review a wide variety of snacks in hopes that it helps as many families as possible.

What is your favorite sugar-free snack?

Main takeaway

You'll hear:

  • Why kids should eat keto snacks
  • Which sugar-free snacks actually taste good *kid approved*
  • A review of Nature's Garden Keto Trail Mix, "Original" 
  • A review of Nature's Garden Keto Trail Mix, "Chocolate Coconut" 
  • A review of Smart Sweets, gummy Peach Rings
  • A review of Lily's, chocolate Chip Cookies

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