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Why you SHOULDN’T have a New Year’s resolution > Do these 4 steps instead [015]

Every year we seem to set another New Year's resolution that we don't end up completing. Which makes us feel like big failures. Today I'm going to share with you four (4) steps to reach your goals, so you can see results for life.

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Why a New Year's Resolution is not the best way to reach your goals

Today, I'm going to talk to you about why New Year's resolutions are not the best way to build real, long lasting results. So stick around if you're wondering how you're going to achieve your goals the right way.

Hello. Hello to you, my awesome friend. Today on the podcast, we are going to be talking about the huge difference between having a New Year's resolution versus really seeing lifelong results.

Raise your hand if you have ever set a New Year's resolution and failed at it. Yeah, me too, I've done it time and time again for years, and it really sucks, honestly, right?

It always sucks to fail. So how can we see those lifelong results

Where does it all start? How can we set and expect to reach really big goals, a.k.a. New Year's resolutions, if we don't even have a healthy foundation set?

Because usually New Year's resolutions are these huge, enormous goals, something that we really expect to reach for the year and.

 “How can we set and expect to reach really big goals, a.k.a. New Year's resolutions, if we don't even have a healthy foundation set?”

New Year's Resolution vs. healthy habits

Sometimes the goals are a little bit too big for what we are ready to do, what we are ready to achieve, what we have the ability to achieve now.

So right now, I'm going to talk to you about the difference between having a New Year's resolution. First is creating healthy habits that you need to achieve those big goals. So let's start with New Year's resolution.

What is a New Year's resolution? I put together some key words and phrases, and I want you to really pay attention to the difference

New Year's Resolution

A New Year's resolution usually ends up giving us temporary results because sometimes we set these huge unobtainable goals for us in our current state.

We have no real foundation. We get overly restrictive, overly stressed, and we don't really do any mind set work before we can reach any huge goals in life.

We need to have the mindset work in place. You may be able to relate to these phrases:

"I know what I want, but not why I want it."

"I want results now."

"I failed before and I'll fail again."

Healthy Habits

Now we're going to move on to healthy habits. 

Now, these are some attributes that relate to what it's like to set healthy habits, to see lifelong results.

You're ready for a positive life long change. You set a strong foundation, one habit at a time.

You enjoy the journey and you work on your mindset. You have that mindset change.

Now, here are some phrases you could probably identify with if you fall into this category.

"I know why I'm doing this." 

"I'll reach my goals in time."

"I can make mistakes, learn from them and grow." 

Do you kind of see the difference between people who set New Year's resolutions every year versus people who are continuously throughout the year working on themselves and their growth?

One is kind of win or fail, pass or lose. One is, hey, I can fail, but I also can get back up and do better. Failure is an opportunity for learning.

I'm going to reach my goals and I'm going to work on those strong foundations in order to hit that big goal at the top of my list.

So New Year's resolutions, they sound great. They're huge things, but we don't necessarily think about that foundation work, that mindset work that goes into it.

We kind of just go for the gusto, go for the top. And that leads us to set ourselves up for failure. Creating healthy habits to see lifelong results is really what's going to get us to our ultimate goal.

 “One is, hey, I can fail, but I also can get back up and do better. Failure is an opportunity for learning.”

A great example of healthy habits vs New Year's Resolution

We're not just going to get there. We're going to be able to maintain that goal.

So if your goal is to lose one hundred pounds, you're going to start implementing the healthy habits to get you there.

For example, you cut down on the amount of soda you drink, you cut down on the amount of sugars you consume.

You set boundaries for yourself on when you eat. And when you don't eat, you detach your emotions from your eating

You see food as your friend, as feel as something you are allowed to enjoy.

You do not see food as the enemy because the food is not your enemy, it's your relationship with eating that is the problem.

Whoof. So we're going to take that all in and really absorb it and identify which one you tend to fall under.

Do you just go for the win without any foundational work, or are you ready to do the little things that set that strong foundation to get you to that same win but to make it last?

 “You do not see food as the enemy because the food is not your enemy, it's your relationship with eating that is the problem.”

One more extreme example (to drive the point home)

Here's another great example and kind of a bit of a extreme example. But I think it really puts the point across.

There are some people in this world that are just blessed enough to win the lottery, right? Like a one hundred million dollars a yes.

And then a few years later, you see those same people that were instant multimillionaires be dead broke and actually more than they were when they first got all that money, like they are an extreme amount of debt, they somehow they lost all their family members, all their friends, like

Have you ever watched any of those documentaries about past lotto winners? It's crazy.

They end up in generally worse situations than they were before they got all that money. But then on the other hand, you can have someone that, for example, someone that builds up their own business from the ground up.

They implement healthy habits, small goals, and they find mentors and coaches programs that work to really help them to get to the next step and the next step and a higher level and a higher level

And finally, they get there, they reach their ultimate goal, they're really living the life they want, the life they dreamed of, and they continue to just work on these little things that get them further, but at a steady pace that allows for a strong framework as well as growth.

So I hope that example really kind of helps you to set the tone for the difference. A little extreme, but I really wanted to drive the point home that we can get what we want.

 “Routines bring a sense of focus, clarity, and readiness to start the day and really any project.”

How to start seeing results by setting healthy habits

It's one thing to get it, but it's a whole nother thing to maintain. It needs resolution versus healthy habits for lifelong results. I don't know about you, but I want those lifelong results.

I want those healthy habits. So right now, I'm going to give you a few little steps that I put together that I find super useful.

And then I use all the time to build my healthy habits and to see those results that I'm craving. And keep in mind, you can use this for your diet, for your business, for your personal life, whatever you choose.

Step 01: We need to create a strong foundation

All right. Number one, we need to start with the foundation work. We need a healthy foundation.

If we don't have a healthy foundation, anything that we build on, it is going to crumble very easily. So how do we build a healthy foundation?

So the first thing I want you to do is understand your why. Why do you have that goal set for yourself? Because I'm a coach. I am going to use the example of weight loss, for example.

I'm sure all of us would be able to relate to at one point in our lives, maybe even right now.

So let's say we want to lose one hundred pounds. That is our want. That is our ultimate goal. I want to lose one hundred pounds.

But why do you want to lose one hundred pounds? Do we want to lose one hundred pounds because we want to fit into these nice slender jeans, nice snug fitting clothes without worrying about pooches and overhang

Do we want to lose one hundred pounds because we want to be able to run around with our kids and not just sit on the sidelines?

Do we want it to lose one hundred pounds because we want to be able to extend our life for as long as possible, because our knees hurt under all that weight, because it's hard to sleep, because it's hard to breathe, because we hate getting super sweaty and easily tired.

Why do you want to lose one hundred pounds?

Why do you want to hit that big goal? See, understanding your why is going to help you through the hard times, through the times when you're like, I can't do this anymore, I can't go any further.

I don't know if I will succeed because it attaches your heart, your innermost being to that goal

Because if that goal is really meaningful to you and can change every aspect of your life, it'll help you to keep going through the tough times when we are in the mode of creating that healthy foundation, we want to remember to take our time.

Yes, we might want to do things by a certain period of our life, but if we keep rushing, that foundation is not going to be firm.

We want to be able to put pillars in that foundation, build a mansion on that foundation and maintain that entire structure on that foundation.

Join a supportive community. Share recipes. Get healthy.

Step 02: One habit at a time

OK, now, number two, we got our foundation, we got our "why." We're going to take our time and we are ready to start building that structure with healthy habits.

I want you to work on one new habit at a time, just one. I know sometimes we get a little overzealous and we get really excited and we're like, OK, I'm going to do all these ten things. I'm going to change all these ten things at one time

But that's what leads to extreme overwhelm and stress. For the most part, changing your life should be something enjoyable. It might be different.

It might be some work, but overall enjoyable one habit at a time. If you drink ten sodas a day, work on cutting that number down.

Don't go from ten dollars a day to zero. You're going to experience extreme sugar withdrawals and cravings that could just set you way, way back, go from 10 sodas a day to maybe nine sodas a day and see how that feels for a week, two weeks, and then go to eight sodas a day for a few more weeks.

And then seven and six and five and four and three and two and one. And next thing you know, maybe even zero sodas a day. Or maybe you find a great soda alternative with natural sweeteners that you enjoy during special occasions.

Woah, trust me, I know it sounds like how can you ever do that, maybe you drink a pack of soda a day for your entire life and you have no like it doesn't even seem feasible to change that

I used to love drinking soda every single day. I mean, I practically grew up drinking soda. My favorite soda to this day is still root beer and every so often I really do get to enjoy a root beer.

And luckily, I was able to find sodas with natural sweeteners where I can still enjoy that root beer and it doesn't affect my health.

So one habit at a time, if you go from, OK, I'm going to stop soda and sugar and drink more water and all this stuff, it's going to be a bit overwhelming.

This is why you need to take your time

As your body is breaking down old habits, it has to build up new pathways in your mind.

So it's really important to let your body slowly make that adjustment over time, break down that old habit, reduce the amount of soda you drink, and slowly increase the amount of water you're drinking one at a time.

You can do it sometimes. I really still do amaze myself at the incredible lifestyle changes I was able to make. And it does not happen overnight

I'm going to tell you it does not, but it can happen for the rest of your life if you do it right. One habit at a time. Break the bad one down below. The good one up.

Your brain is doing the same exact thing. It's breaking down all its old pathways and building new pathways in your mind. New habits in your mind.

Because when you think about it, habits are things that we do not think about, we just do you just reach for that soda.

You don't really think about am I going to go for a soda too much at one time equals too much overwhelm and too much overwhelm is a higher chance of failure.

So one at a time.

Step 03: Less reading, more doing

Number three, less reading, more action.

Yes, you heard that right. Sometimes we get caught up and I've done this before. I'm a reader. I love to read. I'm reading like three or four books at this very time in my life

At the same time, I love to read. Don't get me wrong. But too much reading and not enough action equals zero results zero, and I know you want to see results, so we have to know when to put down the book and pick up our pace.

It's good to gain knowledge from experts, from people who've been there, people who've done that right, whatever that is. But if we don't ever start doing it, we're never going to make it.

And sometimes reading so much, it really causes an overwhelm in our brain because our brains, what we read, what we input and intake, our brains are trying to process it and see if it's something that we need to keep around or we should keep around or we need to remember.

So if we don't ever use it, our brains are just going to take that information and throw it away. So we have to use it. We have to put action to what we read now

Sometimes we'll read things that don't apply to us, that don't work for us or is not as enjoyable for us to do. And that's OK. Life is a process.

That's why we go back to make mistakes. But it doesn't mean I fail. I learn from them. I grow and I do better. It's all part of the process.

So don't get caught up in reading too much information. Or if you're a listener, don't get caught up in listening to too much information.

Read what you're working on in the moment. Listen to what you're working on in the moment and try to apply it.

That's the best way I have figured out how to do any of it. All of it is I learn about it, but then I apply it. And my own brain, as I start to build those healthy habits, will implement those things for me.

So it'll start customizing what works for me, what doesn't work for me, what I like, what I don't like, what helps me to see the best results and the most results

And you can do that, too. It is easier than you think. We just have to start with that healthy foundation. So I want you to go from abstract reading and listening to actionable steps, putting those steps in action.

Step 04: Find the right program

Now, a number for the last way to see lifelong results is to use the right programs.

Honestly. I mean, there are people there are companies like us that easy menus where we spend so long putting together these programs, these courses, like we put together a four week meal plan.

That's what we offer at Easy Keto Menus. And we put so much time and effort into developing it, into testing it in to putting it into action in real life.

That I mean, by the time people purchase it, by the time you purchase this meal plan, you can just go. And it's not really something you have to think about.

You have your shopping lists, your weekly menu and even video recipes. And you know exactly how to make everything, you know what to do

And there's not really any thinking involved. And if you do have any questions, we provide a support group, we provide video guides, all of these things that go in to reach your goals that you might be easily overwhelmed with or we've been there.

We've done that. We've learned from it. We continue to improve our programs and our course and our meal plan. What better way to reach your goals than by using programs that are already established, already put all the man hours, all the research, all the work into them?

 “What better way to reach your goals than by using programs that are already established, already put all the man hours, all the research, all the work into them?”

I found that that is the easiest way to achieve any big goal is to find one person, one brand that has something set already that I can follow.

Simple, easy. Like we touched on a little bit earlier, we can do all the research, all the listening, all the everything. But unless we start working, unless we see results, we're still down here at our learning phase when we want to be up here, we want to go higher

Right? Want to be at the top of our game. Honestly, sometimes we just need to take the guesswork out of doing stuff.

And we're either going to pay with our time or we're going to pay with our money. There's somehow an exchange going on. I've come to the point where I would rather pay money than pay with my time because I can continue to make more money.

But there's no person in this entire world, even the richest person in this world.

That can get back the time, so time becomes much more of a valuable asset than money, and sometimes we lose sight of that because we have the money in our hands and time is something a little bit more abstract.

We can't hold it or we can see it. It dictates a lot of our lives. We have to drop the kids off by a certain time, pick them up by a certain time, work by a certain time, sleep at a certain time.

My final thoughts about your personal goals

So you have a lot of options to weigh out there for you in your current state, whether you're willing to trade some of your time or some of your money.

And sometimes time is money and we always get results by doing whether we fail or whether we succeed because there's no real failure. If you learn and I have learned that and it took me some time to learn that.

But because before I used to be really, really like win or lose that kind of sports mentality, I come from a sports family, win or lose, you know, A's or B's.

But I had to change my mind. I had to change my mindset. I had to do the mindset work in order to see that a failure, if I learn from it, is not a real failure.

It's actually a win, but just in a different form, because I know what I'll never do again. I know what I don't like. I know what I want to avoid.

So I know that I need to go into the opposite direction. And that has really helped me to go so so far, who I really hope that this episode gives you a new way of thinking, because we don't need a new year to tell us when it's time to set new goals.

We can work on ourselves the whole year, every year. It doesn't have to be these big, extravagant things, really, as long as we are improving one aspect of our lives, eventually we get bigger and bigger and bigger.

How to start creating that strong foundation right now

To start off with that strong foundation right after this episode, I want you to write down everything you want to achieve in life, everything.

And it's going to be some really big things you're going to have on that list. With that list of all those big things.

I want you to pick one, just one thing that takes priority over everything else. Just one thing. And then I want you to break it down. I want you to start with your why

So we're going to set the heart-healthy foundations. Why do you want to achieve this? What's going to help you get through those hard times?

I want you to set little goals, little healthy habits, things that you can think of that you want to change.

And then. Go after it one at a time, it's not a race, it just matters that you get there, right?

Sometimes we get caught up in comparing ourselves in our lives to the people that are our same age or maybe even younger, that seem like they achieve more or quote unquote, have it all.

But we don't know their real story. We're just seeing their highlights. We're just seeing their outside. So we don't know what they're going through every day, what they're thinking about, what they have to battle with

So we're going to stay in our lane and we're going to work on us and we're not going to compare, continue to learn, continue to grow.

Find the right programs that will help to speed up your process in the right way. If you think you're ready to find the right program to start this year off.

Right to start your strong foundation. All right, then consider easy menus for week meal plan. We call it our Keto Krusher, and we hope that it really helps you to crush all your goals. Have an incredible twenty twenty one.

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🎧 In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Why you may never need to set a New Year's resolution again
  • Why a New Year's resolution may not be the best way to hit your goals
  • 4 steps to seeing results for life
  • Hit all your big goals with this!

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